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April 28, 2008

So, I’m finished with school now. For real this time, I think. Of course, I do still have to pass the board exam, but no matter what, I will have my bachelor’s of science in nursing! Most of my classmates were going to Rice Village to celebrate, but me? Nah. I had a brownie, cleaned my room, read a magazine, and I plan to use the rest of the day writing to my pen pal, researching new cars, and of course watching “Dancing with the Stars.” I like my way of celebrating much better.

So to keep it light, because this is how I’m feeling right now, I have decided to share with you some snapshots of phrases people have used in search engines that have led them to this website. Probably my posts for the rest of the week will be similarly mindless because hello? I have been in college for eight years and I’m NOT anymore! I need at least a week to recover.

So here you go:

“My brother is hot” – Mine are too! Especially here and here.

“Cracked and injured toenail coming off” – It has been over a year since I wrote about my toenail coming off, and I am still getting constant hits from that post. Maybe I should start a support group.

“i am broke and i can’t pay my bills and i can’t eat” – I know how you feel, friend. My suggestion? Find yourself some clinical trials for healthy volunteers to participate in.

“would breathing in bad smell harm unborn baby” – I don’t know but if so, be sure not to come anywhere close to the house where I pet-sit because those dogs have some serious intestinal hyperactivity.

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