my friend is a world champion punner

May 19, 2008

On Saturday David and I went to Austin to see my good friend and former roommate, Carmen, compete in the O. Henry World Championship Pun Competition. It’s always quite an experience, one which I have actually come to enjoy. I love visiting Austin, seeing Carmen and her family, and the pun competition can be pretty dang funny.

Although David wasn’t completely convinced he would like it, I did catch him making a pun at one point. There was some reverb from the microphones, and someone in the crowd sarcastically yelled, “Can we get some more feedback?” Then David whispers under his breath, “Feedbag.” I made him repeat it to me, and he admitted that he was trying to pun off the word “feedback.” Too bad the pun didn’t have to do with anything…but I thought it was really cute.

Anyway, I would like to proudly say that my friend Carmen won first place in the event “Punniest of Show.” This is where the contestants perform a prepared monologue under two minutes long. I’m so proud! For your enjoyment:

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    From Bill:

    Carmen, nobody does it better!! Did you know that people tend to tell worse puns as they get older? That’s why they’re called groan-ups.

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