A Classy Wedding

July 13, 2008

After my mom and I got home from a meeting with the wedding planner from House Plantation yesterday, we told my dad that we’ve decided to use their caterer. My dad immediately said, “I would like some input on the menu!”

“Dad, I already know that you want fajitas.”

“Well, fajitas would be nice, but I’m holding off judgment until I see what they have to offer. If there’s pizza, I’d go for pizza.”

He was completely serious.

(Hi, Dad! I love you!)

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Comments on A Classy Wedding

  1. 1

    From dad:

    burgers and fries with milk shakes on the side would also be good

  2. 2

    From Megan:

    Pizza would be awesome! You could have people make their own. Oooh, and have one of those cinnamon-apple dessert pizzas like Mr. Gatti’s used to have. You could stack a few of those on top of each other and make it your cake.

    I’m totally serious, too. ;)

    P.S. I love the book that you are reading right now. It’s one of my favorites. Did you know that?

  3. 3

    From Barry:

    I’m thinking pizza buffet!

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