Four Things

July 30, 2008

#1: I just painted my toenails a dark shade of purple. I am in a wedding this weekend and the bridesmaid dress is purple, and I do not want my hideous toenail bruises showing. However, it is the worst toenail paint job ever, and I’m wondering if the bruises might not be more attractive.

#2: I am devastated because Bennigan’s has filed for bankruptcy and soon will be closed down forever. This was one of my favorite stand-by restaurants. I always knew I could go there for a good meal (the baked potato soup and 1/2 county cork sandwich with a brownie bottom pie for dessert was my favorite). Never again. Tear.

#3: A good friend of our family’s and a member of our church who has always enjoyed photography is now becoming more serious about it, and thus set up a website. He particularly enjoys action shots, and came out to one of my Saturday morning soccer games the other week and took a bunch of pictures. Go HERE to see them. They are really good, except for my hideous face which is a mixture of concentration, exhaustion, and heat stroke.

#4: I am headed out of town to Kansas tomorrow straight after work for the previously mentioned wedding. I am toting David along with me. It is going to be a crazy fast trip, but memories will be made, I will see some of my best friends, and David and I will be together more than we have in the last week combined. And it will be good to get away, if only for a bit. See you when I get back!

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    From Tabaitha Kaye:

    Have fun on your trip. I’m glad today was much better.

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    From Mom:

    Only the corporately owned Bennigan’s are part of the bankruptcy filing. As I understand it, independently-owned franchise locations will remain in business. What I don’t know is whether all Bennigan’s in Houston are corporately owned. Here’s hoping that at least one conveniently-located one isn’t!

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