Seeking Beauty Advice

September 16, 2008

If you have gotten married recently, or if you’re just really good with makeup, I’d like your help please. I’m not sure what to do about makeup for my wedding.

First, let me tell you what I do now:

Face: after washing my face and moisturizing, I apply a translucent powder and light foundation to my T-zone, just to even out my complexion. I have this blush by Nars in the shade of “Madly,” but I usually only put it on for special occasions.

Eyes: I use a primer by Benefit called F.Y. Eye, then use this duo eyeshadow by Nars in the shade of “All About Eve.” It’s very natural looking. I apply the matte shade all over the lid, and the shimmery one to the corners. Then I add mascara.

Lips: Mary Kay’s Satin Lips, or just chapstick.

The whole look is very natural and subtle. Take this recent conversation between David and me:

David: You look different today. What is it?
Me: I’m not wearing makeup.
David: Oh yeah, that’s it.
Me: I’m going to look like this sometimes. You know that, right? Do you still think I’m pretty?
David: I couldn’t even tell what it was that was missing! You always look the prettiest.
Me: OK, thank you.

David hasn’t asked for many things regarding the wedding, but one thing he has mentioned several times regarding my appearance is that he wants me to look like myself. The other week I went in to the spa and had a facial (because I’ve always wanted one and figured this was a good time to treat myself – and yes, it was very nice but I’d take a pedicure any day over another one of these) and while I was there I had a cosmetic application to see what I would look like if I had my makeup professionally done. Outcome: I looked fake. Did not like it at all. So, I’ll be doing my own makeup thank you very much.

Any recommendations? If you’re married, what did you do for your wedding?

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    From Tabaitha Kaye:

    I did my own makeup for my wedding. I am not a fan of other people doing my makeup. I actually decided to have my makeup airbrushed on for my friends wedding. All of the other bridesmaids were being pampered and I figured it would look good. I was so wrong. I kept telling Adam that I thought I looked like a hooker. Not to mention that it was the worst bridesmaid dress I have ever worn. Anyway, my advice is to look natural and like you always do. If you want an even tone, I use Bare Minerals and love it. I never feel like like I’m wearing makeup and it gives your face a natural glow. Some photographers tell people to wear more makeup so that you stand out in pictures, but I don’t agree.

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    From Katy:

    I’m doing my own makeup for my wedding. I wear mostly Clinique stuff because it’s easy and I don’t have to roam around Sephora trying to figure out what I need.

    I used to use the Bare Minerals stuff but it made me break out and did not last very long for me. By the end of the day, I looked exhausted. I think it’s because I tend to touch my face during the day and the “minerals” tend to flake off, but that’s just me. Do you touch your face? Since I stopped using that stuff, I have fewer little bumpy breakouts and generally clearer skin.

    Anywhoodle. All this to say, I’m doing my own makeup and just wearing it a little heavier than I normally would. In trying to figure out stuff that might stand out more in pictures, I have only a couple ideas:
    a) false eyelashes
    b) a slightly darker cheek stain or blush
    c) lipliner under my lipstick so it lasts through the pictures and all that small talk
    d) makeup primer

    In short, I’m just going to make everything I would normally wear a little more dramatic. I want to look like me, but I also want to show up!

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    From MagsMac:

    Hey lady…

    I totally agree with what Katy has to say AND with her make up choices. When my best friend got married that is what she did.

    On the false eyelashes; I would get extensions rather than the stick on ones. They are a more expensive and you get them done at a salon, but they last about a month AND won’t fall off while you’re dancing ;)

    T-minus two weeks till the big day! I can’t wait!!

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    From Marchar:

    Hi Kathleen,

    I tried a professional makeup artist just as you did several weeks before my wedding with the same results. I really did not like the way she made me look. I decided to to my own makeup. I use Clinique as well and love it. I agree with the other comments that you want to do what you normally do but a little more dramatic. My photographer had only a couple of comments about my makeup and I think they were good ones. He suggested that I wear a lipstick that was a brighter red than I normally wear. He also suggested that I have a powder compact handly so that I could touch up as needed. I forgot to do this and as a results my face looked a little oily in the photos taken after the ceremony. I really wish I had remembered his advice on the powder. I remembered to use a brighter red lipstick.
    You probably just need to do a little experimenting with your own makeup and maybe with something new as well. I’d test out different combinations and then when you find one you like, repeat it more than once so you’ll be ready for your wedding day.

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    From Lindsey:

    So I’m not married, but I do a lot of makeup FOR weddings (like every other weekend from May-August). And I just love makeup in any case. I am a huge fan of not looking like Prom Barbie, but I also hate it when people half-ass it on their wedding day with one coat of mascara. You should look like yourself, only better. And yes, you want to go more dramatic for the sake of the bazillion photos you’ll be in. I highly recommend those 8-hr lipsticks. It can be tricky to find a good shade, which is why I’d suggest buying a few and returning the ones you don’t like. But stick to the berry hues. If all else fails, Clinique Black Honey. Great on everyone!

    For eyeshadow, AVOID metallic shimmery stuff. The Nars stuff you have looks good, but put some highlighter (i.e. champagne colored–this can be a bit shimmery) underneath your eyebrows and in the inner corners of your eye. False eyelashes are only a good idea if you try them ahead of time first, and cut them up and use in small groups, not the whole strip. You’ll look like one of the Supremes that way. Anyway, I have lots of little tricks for makeup on your wedding day, but I think I’ve blathered enough on here. :)

    Last but not least, have some baby wipes around. Someone will probably get something on their bridesmaids dress or your dress, and baby wipes get anything out of satin/shiny fabrics without leaving a mark. Water on the other hand, will leave spots.

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