Does This Mean I Need Another Vacation?

January 24, 2009

Last night when I went to sleep at 8 p.m. David lay down in bed with me and took a nap. It was a nap because he could never ACTUALLY go to bed that early. Anyway, he decided to get up a couple of hours later, once I was already asleep. Apparently his movement stirred me halfway out of my dream, because I started talking to him. He thought I was completely awake.

I wasn’t just babbling random words though, or so he tells me. I started clearly demanding that he give me all his prescriptions and medical records so that we could get him admitted to the hospital. Since I’m a nurse and he had been sleeping, he seriously thought that something was wrong with him. I was so insistent that he started to get really worried. 

At this point I vaguely remember that I was trying extremely hard to convey something to him that seemed so obvious to me, and I didn’t know why he didn’t get it. Eventually he asked me if I was partly dreaming and I responded, “I thought you knew I was!” 

When David reminded me this morning about what happened, I had no recollection of the events. He finished the story by telling me that I should try dreaming more about him than the hospital. My coworkers think this means that I need a vacation, and I tend to agree.

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    From Lauren:

    Completely agree w/ your comment on Plan B… I really love Anne Lamott though, so I pushed through until I realized there are chapters missing! I need to contact the publisher, but I’ve put it down for now.

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