I Guess They Trust Me

January 29, 2009

Well I’ve been trying for days to post pictures from our new house and our wedding. After trying on three different computers and three different browsers and still getting faced with a blank page, I called my brother, my web-design guru. Turns out something has gone wrong with my software, so he will be fixing it soon hopefully!

So I decided that just because I can’t put up pictures doesn’t mean I can’t write about SOMETHING. So here is something. I have been a nurse for about eight months now, and my director has asked me to precept (train) a new employee. Some have told me that I must be doing a great job to warrant this trust, but I personally think it’s more the case that we are running out of experienced nurses that can precept – we have had a lot of people leave for other jobs lately, for various reasons.

My director had told me the nurse’s name that I would be training, that she was younger than I, and that she had graduated around the same time as I did and had been working at another job up until this point. Today she let me know that the nurse would be coming by the unit tomorrow and I’d get to meet her.

Well, she showed up today, and as soon as I saw her, I recognized her! It’s an acquaintance I went to school with, recently married with a new last name, who is extremely friendly and who I always thought would be a really great nurse. This relieved a lot of my anxiety, because I am unsure of my ability to make a good first impression. Also, she is really easy to talk to. We’ve already had a phone conversation, which is crazy for me because I’m a chronic phone avoider.

So the moral of the story is that I’m actually kind of excited about this now instead of nervous. I’m still not that experienced, but I know that the rest of our staff will help me whenever I need it.

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