today’s successes

March 24, 2009

1. Went to the dentist, and I have clean teeth and no cavities!

2. Bought these sunglasses at my brother’s store, which are really cute and 50% off:


3. Met with our wedding photographer and am this close to finally getting an album ordered.

4. Grocery shopping and laundry: done!

5. Joined thanks to the recommendation of my good friend Sara. It’s great!

6. Had a surprise visit from my father-in-law who brought me Coldstone ice cream, which completely spoiled my dinner but it was worth it.

7. Loved on my husband and my dogs.

8. Preemptive success: going to bed on time!

I love my days off.

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Comments on today’s successes

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    From Hellen CLARK:

    Good work on your blog, I love to see the effort and I am just saying keep up the good work.

  2. 2

    From Rae:

    Yay for successes! I especially love the idea of “preemptive success”! Quite tricky.

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