it’s a beautiful, blustery day

April 2, 2009

and even though I am pet-sitting two 100-pound, neurotic, needy dogs who woke me up no less than FIVE times during the night, and probably will again tonight and for the next seven nights, therefore resigning me to the fact that I will simply be exhausted for the next week, I am still grateful that I have today off, and that my camera works again, and that the day is beautiful despite, or because of, the early morning storm.

From my backyard:

An adorable birdhouse.

A pretty flower.

The window sill-chewer herself.

How can you not love spring?

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Comments on it’s a beautiful, blustery day

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    From Kristen:

    I love your blog! I feel a little silly…earlier I was here but didn’t see the link to comment. Now I know! Hope you’re doing well!

  2. 2

    From Rae:

    Oh, I do love spring. Your birdhouse is great. Is it currently in use? I used to love watching birds nest as a child but haven’t seen it in years.

    I hope that the dogs miraculously decide to calm down and let you sleep for a few nights!

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