That’s What You Call A Weekend

August 30, 2009

I really got some bang for my buck this weekend. Somehow I had almost all of my time scheduled with fun things to do, yet there was the perfect amount of transition time between each event so that I didn’t feel rushed.

After work on Friday David and I packed up, dropped the dogs off at his parents’ house, and hit the road for Austin. We planned to meet up with my two former roommates who also happen to be two of my very best friends. Here we are the first day we moved in together in 2004:


And here we are now:

Recreating the photo…

No more awkwardness!

Our husbands/boyfriends were all able to be there as well, but unfortunately I didn’t capture any pictures of that momentous fact. Friday night we just went out to eat and afterwards I was so tired I put myself to bed. Everyone else stayed up half the night talking and laughing, but I heard none of it. I had been awake for almost 20 hours at point, see.

On Saturday we slept in and then hit up this place called Chedd’s for lunch which served “gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches”. It was really good and really healthy, too (I wish). After that we had to say goodbye to Megan and Peter, who are moving to Scotland for a year in a couple of weeks. Sad! But also exciting because we might get to take a trip to Scotland! Then the remaining four of us hit up some putt putt golf, during which I surprised everyone (myself included) by winning. Only by a stroke, but I was still proud. And finally we visited this amazing place called The Yogurt Spot. You walk in and there is a wall of different flavors of frozen yogurt and so many different toppings. You fill up your cup with whatever you want, and they charge you by the ounce. I got chocolate with fresh strawberries, brownie bits, and chocolate chips. AMAZING. I have just researched it and there is one of these shops in Houston, but it is far away from me and not in a very nice area. Bummer. However, I am hoping to discover a similar one in my area.

So after that deliciousness we went back to Carmen’s house for a bit where she began teaching me how to solve the Rubik’s cube. IT IS SO MUCH FUN. I am bound and determined to learn it. The only problem is, do you know how hard it is to find a Rubik’s cube in the store today? Hard. David went to 7 different stores with no luck. I think I will have to make a special trip to a Toys ‘R’ Us soon, which is kind of pathetic but I can’t stop thinking about it.

Eventually we forced ourselves to pack up the car and headed home. Once back we stopped by the church gathering that was happening at my in-laws’ house and had a feast of Mexican food. I also had a big bowl of chocolate ice cream, because I didn’t get enough earlier in the day.

Today (Sunday) was church, then California Pizza Kitchen for book club. We discussed The Time Traveler’s Wife and then saw the movie together afterwards. (My review and book club discussion will be coming sometime this week, so if you’ve read it be ready to comment and if you’re reading it now, finish up so you can join in!) And then AFTER book club we headed to my parents’ house for my youngest brother’s family birthday dinner. Family gatherings are always a blast and this one was no different.

Now I’m at home, just finished an episode of Mad Men, and about to crawl into my glorious bed to gather my strength for another work week. So tell me, what did you do this weekend?

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Comments on That’s What You Call A Weekend

  1. 1

    From Lauren:

    sounds awesome. hopefully someday i’ll have fun weekends again… for now i’m forcing myself to stay in town and recharge from the week.

    i dunno about the yogurt spot but there’s a place called swirll here in rice village, and some other locations too. also on fry and morton there’s a place called mango tango that has the same idea but it’s just *slightly* less good.

  2. 2

    From Lauren From Texas:

    so fun :) glad you had such a lovely weekend! you deserve it!

  3. 3

    From Emily A.:

    I celebrated my 6th anniversay this weekend… :)

  4. 4

    From Kelly:

    Love the “then and now” photos! Austin is wonderful. Everytime I’m there, I start thinking about re-locating. My weekend… laundry, dinner/drinks with my girls, sleeping in, cooking, more laundry. Exciting, right?!

  5. 5

    From Megan:

    I love that I went from “Walk With Jesus” to “Ramones.” (Every picture of me on the interwebs lately has been in that dang shirt). I also love that Carmen looks the exact same in the before and after pictures. She has that awkward look down pat.

    I also love that you are DEFINITELY coming to visit in Scotland. So, see ya then…

    I also love you.

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