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August 16, 2009

I’m propped up in bed ready to read for an hour or so before drifting off to sleep and then starting another week. Before I do that, though, I wanted to share a few things with you from the weekend.

We babysat our nephew Lucas for the first time.

He was adorable, calm, smiley, perfect for the first half. Then he got hungry, so he started to cry. We fed him every last drop of milk that we had. We burped him and got four really good ones. We changed his diaper. We held him and walked around with him, and sang to him. He continued to cry…for about an hour and a half. It was actually quite cute to see David’s reaction to this. He was so worried that something was wrong with Lucas. We eventually had to call his parents to come home, because he was still hungry and his food supply was nowhere to be seen. Before they got home I managed to calm him down by doing deep knee bends and walking up and down the stairs a million times. It was a serious workout.

You can see the slightly frazzled look around my eyes.

I signed up for the Tour de Pink.

The glitch was finally worked out on the website, and I signed up for the 12-mile bicycle race in Houston that will take place September 13! I’m really excited because it will be my first bike race. Here is where I ask for your help, though, because in order to participate I am required to raise at least $100 in addition to my entry fee. Please donate; even just $1 gets me closer to that goal, and I would love to surpass it if possible! Here is a handy dandy link for you:

Some other stuff happened too.

Including, but not limited to: David’s second cousin’s baby shower, cooking and grilling, a long bike ride, leading worship in church, and starting The Time Traveler’s Wife. It was a good weekend, and it’s going to be a good week.

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Comments on weekend review

  1. 1

    From Lauren From Texas:

    you are so cute! but i know that tried feeling – probably why I don’t have any kids of my own yet :)

  2. 2

    From Lauren From Texas:

    and I meant “tired” not “tried” – looks like it’s bedtime for Lauren ;)

  3. 3

    From Krista:

    Sounds like a great weekend! You are going to love The Time Traveler’s Wife. It’s a bit confusing at first but once I wrapped my mind around the time changes I really enjoyed it.

  4. 4

    From Scott:

    That is, by far, the best baby I have ever seen.

  5. 5

    From Chelsea:

    I’m doing my best not to do much babysitting. I fear that if I do, I’ll never have kids!!

    I love the logo of the Tour de Pink!

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