#47. Go To Another Dynamo Game

November 8, 2009

The Dynamo are Houston’s major league soccer team. I know most of you are probably like, “Who cares?” and that’s fine. If you were writing about, say, water polo, I would have the same reaction. But I love soccer. I have played it since I was seven years old, and I pretty much lived and breathed it from the time I was in junior high through college. I’ve been playing on adult teams since then, but because of my schedule I can now only play during the summers. So I consider it my duty to support our pro team.

I was so excited when my parents told me they had an extra ticket to today’s game! It’s the first round of the playoffs, it would be a fun chance to hang out with my family, and it was free! We had great seats that enabled us to see the whole field well, with the bonus of a nice view of the Houston skyline.

A sea of orange!

It also gave me a chance to wear the super cute Dynamo jersey I own.

IMG_0095My mom, me, and brother David. My husband’s not really into soccer, unless I’m playing. :)

I tell you what, there is nothing quite like soccer fans. They are wild and tireless. There was a small section of Seattle fans right across the aisle from us, and every time our goalkeeper took a goal kick they would shout, “You suck, a**hole!” It didn’t take our fans long to catch on, and every subsequent time they would repeat the phrase, but directed at the Seattle section. I was thinking to myself how tacky the opposing teams fans were, until I realized that every time Seattle’s goalkeeper took a goal kick we were shouting this which, if you grow up playing soccer in south Texas, you learn is Spanish for something not very nice at all. I can’t even bring myself to type it, because I try to keep things family friendly around here. So apparently it’s just vehement hate on both sides.

IMG_0101Enjoying the game

But guess what? We won! 1-0 in overtime. My husband says soccer hasn’t caught on in America because there’s not enough scoring. But I say that the entire game is exciting even without the goals. You will rarely see The Wave being started at a soccer game, because The Wave is a sign of boredom. (And for the record, I detest The Wave, and yet find it strangely fascinating.)

Celebration at the end of the game

Seeing soccer made me so nostalgic for it. There’s just something about lacing up your cleats, stepping onto the grass, and having that whole field in front of you. The feel of the ball at your feet, and coming together as a team. I’m lucky I still get to play at all, but I miss the competitive days of my youth where I could play three full games during a summer tournament and wake up for another the next day. My body would revolt if I tried that now.


At least I can still be a fan!

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Comments on #47. Go To Another Dynamo Game

  1. 1

    From Mom:

    I can’t wait till Dad reads your post and finds out what they were really yelling! Great time today! Glad you could come, and glad the rain held off. I wish they were playing here for the next round, instead of in LA, so we could go. :-( Let’s go Dynamo!!!

  2. 2

    From Krista:

    I feel the exact same way about the wave! Supremely annoyed yet still fascinated…

  3. 3

    From dad:

    I thought they were yelling fooooootbaaaaaaalll. So I joined in, until my family told me i should cool it. who knew :)

  4. 4

    From Sarah:

    Sounds like you had a great time… Gratz on another check off the big list!

  5. 5

    From Megan:

    I love the skyline in the background.

  6. 6

    From nic:

    That’s a great picture of you and David!

  7. 7

    From Lauren From Texas:

    You and your brother are so cute! :)

  8. 8

    From Carmen:

    Actually, the wave spread into a worldwide phenomenon BECAUSE of soccer during the 1986 World Cup. Don’t believe me? (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Audience_wave) :)

  9. 9

    From kapachino:

    That MAY be true, but the article doesn’t state any specifics. Was it during halftime? Either way, you still rarely see The Wave being done during soccer. But every single time I’ve ever been to a baseball game (which is many) it’s been done.

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