My First Mobile Post

November 20, 2009

This is my very first time posting from my iPhone. I’m all grown up! Really though, I don’t like mobile blogging much, but today it’s about all I have the energy for.

Currently I am on the train in the medical center headed to my car. I have been at work for approximately 13 hours and it’ll be another hour before I’m home. When I get there, I want to spend time with my husband and not in front of the computer.

Today was a hard day because we were short staffed. My mentor told me that today was one of her worst days in her entire career, which is 43 years. A rounding nurse practitioner told me, “You guys have your own mini ICU up here.” All I could say was, “Tell me about it.”

I hate being overloaded with demanding patients because I don’t feel like I’m doing a good job, and I can’t give them the time or attention they deserve. I’m also constantly worried about making mistakes. I’ve been a bit down on my nursing skills lately because several of my coworkers have made it a point to tell me when I screwed up. It’s never anything major, but one day it might be. I try to be as careful as possible, but when there are several important things happening at once it’s easy to slip up.

Well, my train is almost to its destination. Thanks for coming along with me for the journey. Tomorrow is a new day!

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Comments on My First Mobile Post

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    From Erin:

    Well, I don’t have patients, but I do have students, and I completely know how you feel. My afternoon class has so many diverse needs, that it’s almost impossible to meet them all. I don’t feel like a good teacher with that class at all.

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    From Just Fine Just Dandy:

    Oh, I’m sorry for your bad day at work. You know they say that nurses eat their young… It’s unfortunate. Keep your head up. I’m pretty sure you are an excellent nurse because you care and want to do a good job – that speaks volumes. Hope you’re off today and have some time to regroup.

    You have to ride a train in to work? Wow! You have quite the commute!

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    From steph anne:

    Kudos to you for typing all that from your iPhone. I don’t think I could do that especially have the patience to do so.

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