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July 2, 2010

I’ll be choosing the winner of the Nintendo points card tonight when I get home from work. My family requested that I video the drawing, so I suppose I will give in and do so. I warned you there would be random videos from now on. Check back later to see if you won!


This week has not been my favorite. My mood has echoed the weather, which has looked like this:

This is not to say that I dislike the rain (although I’m not saying I like the rain either), but coincidentally this weather has matched up perfectly with my periodic hormonal imbalance. I haven’t had any energy at all, and no motivation to get anything done. I’ve been working most of the week, but on my sole day off I did nothing but read and play games on the Wii all day long. I’m slowly gaining my happiness back, and the awesome weekend I have planned is probably part of that.


My husband has lately taken to calling my dog Cleo “sickly.” I don’t like that term because it implies that she’s a needy invalid with a short life expectancy. I keep telling him she just has a sensitive stomach! But seriously, her gagging and vomiting all over the house is getting a bit old. You know how dogs chew grass to make themselves throw up? Cleo did that the other day, except with our carpet. I’m not even joking, she swallowed a melon-sized wad of carpet and then regurgitated it. First of all, I’m just glad she didn’t choke to death. Second, what the heck? Third, anyone have recommendations for carpet or carpet installers?

(For those of you that may be worried about Cleo’s health, I am too. But not overly. I am pretty sure it has to do with a new food we tried with her. So for now we’re changing to a healthier kind, limiting her treats, and eliminating people food altogether. Hopefully it solves the problem.)


Last week I finally gave in and exchanged my bus pass to a parking pass for work. This was my first full week driving every day, and I can say for sure that I have a problem on my hands. Every day on my way home, I become overwhelmingly drowsy. It’s a 40-minute drive in the heat of the afternoon after I’ve worked all day, and I have SUCH a hard time staying awake. I’ve tried calling David, slapping myself, rolling down the windows, and most recently I’ve resorted to listening to pop stations on the radio. This was surprisingly effective, until yesterday when I heard that terrible “California Gurls” song two times within five minutes. That song makes me want to dig out my own eardrums with a screwdriver, and the fact that “gurls” is spelled with a “u”? Don’t even get me started. All that to say, I’m currently on the hunt for songs to add to my “Don’t Die In A Fiery Car Crash” playlist.


On the off chance that there is someone reading this who enjoys soccer and the World Cup, here is a really funny & insightful article that my dad sent me: “Soccer is ready to capture our attention.”

And if you, like me, enjoyed the Twilight books back when you read them once a long time ago, but are kind of sick of the whole thing by now, although you still want to see the movies because why not, and now you get more enjoyment out of making fun of the series than anything else, here is a link for you. A dude reads the books and blogs his thoughts chapter by chapter. Why couldn’t I have written this? Blogging Twilight.

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  1. 1

    From Sarah:

    I just have to say – I love your description of your attitude towards Twilight. I feel EXACTLY the same way. :)

  2. 2

    From Lauren:

    I have a 90 minute long drive home from an overly airconditioned ginormous hospital too. I think part of it is that there is so much hustle and bustle and then…nothing. I have to get an afternoon snack or early supper on my way home to keep me awake! It makes a huge difference. Sometimes I stop half way through which makes the trip go so much faster.

    You could try a good audio book too? Sometimes I sit in my car after I have gotten home strictly to finish the chapter or listen to another. Good luck staying awake!

  3. 3

    From kapachino:

    My goodness, why didn’t I think of keeping snacks in the car before? That’s brilliant! I love audiobooks, but unfortunately they lull me to sleep worse than anything else.

  4. 4

    From Emily Jane:

    *Waves* Here’s your World Cup reader!! :) Will definitely be checking that article out. I think the World Cup is the reason Twitter is broken right now. I’ll check out the Twilight one too – have you seen this one yet?

  5. 5

    From kapachino:

    I have read The Oatmeal article on Twilight, and although it was funny I didn’t appreciate it as much because I actually did enjoy the books at one point. :)

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