Notes From A Working Mother

October 1, 2011

Well guys, I did it. I made it through a whole week of work! I have so many things to say I don’t even know where to start. I guess with the fact that I am not, as feared, now incompetent at my job. I’m pleased to report that I remember how to do everything, and not only that but I am more awesome at it than before. This is obviously due to the fact that I was grossly pregnant for about a million years and I am no longer thus, meaning I have TONS of energy that I’m not used to having, and also my hands are no longer numb, well, two fingertips are and probably always will be, but that doesn’t even count, and anyway I can start IV’s again!

So work went really well, except for one day where I left forty minutes late (not acceptable), but I suspect (but don’t want to believe) that I was given an easier-than-normal assignment and that this will not last. Well, whatever, I won’t think about that.

Yesterday at work everyone was supposed to wear pink for breast cancer awareness month, which is October. My manager even texted us all at 5:30 a.m. to remind us. And that’s fine and good and all, but my pink scrubs don’t currently fit. I tried them on and they were looking more like leggings. It’s pretty embarrassing when you outgrow scrubs, even fitted ones, I mean they have a DRAWSTRING. So I wore a pair of blue scrubs that do fit, and of course EVERYONE was wearing pink including the GUYS. That means that everyone was asking me, “Why didn’t you wear pink?” And I could have just said that I don’t own pink scrubs, except for the fact that I used to wear them all the time. So I had to spend the whole morning telling people about the baby weight I put on and haven’t lost yet. THAT was fun.


Enough about work. Let’s talk baby! She spends Monday through Thursday in daycare, and Fridays my mom is off work and keeps her. She did awesome. My dad drives around for work and was able to stop by and visit her every day, sending me a picture each time. Witness:

Monday: Dad feeds her a bottle (hence the drool)

Tuesday: The fuzziest hair of all time

Wednesday: Just chillin’ with Pops

Thursday: All the single ladies, put your hands up

And then there was Friday, when I made my mom text more than she ever has in her life to keep me updated. She sent me lots of pictures, but I couldn’t stop looking at this one:

The cuteness is overwhelming. First of all, her smile. Anytime she smiles I melt, but this is a serious grin. The squinty eyes, the dimple, the double chin, ahhhh. Secondly, the huge Astros onesie. It’s a size 18 months which is all my mom had at her house, because apparently what I sent her in got dirty and Mom didn’t want to try to put her in the backup clothes I sent since they said “up to 11 pounds” and Meredith is over 12 (even though, for the record, they totally fit). Finally, she’s sitting in a Bumbo! We don’t have one, so this was the first time she got to try it out and I’m so proud of her for sitting in it so well.

But back to daycare. I’m going to be honest and say that it feels very wrong to be dropping her off there all day. The first few times I didn’t know if I’d be able to continue to do it. BUT it has gotten easier. And the more I get to know the people there the more I like them. There are only three other babies there, and the director and assistant director are both very involved so I know she gets a lot of attention. One awesome thing is that they LOVE her cloth diapers! I thought I’d be lucky to find a place that accepted them, but it’s so much better that they are actually happy about it. And Meredith is happy there so far; my dad says that every time he comes by she’s smiling and content. So I know everything will be okay, despite my inability to not cry about it.


One day this week I thought, “I should probably check the mail.” When I opened our box all that was inside was a key to the package compartment, and when I opened that it was full of our mail. I was so happy, because this answered a longstanding question I had about what they would do if the mailbox became too full. I was also happy because in the mail had arrived three issues of Martha Stewart Living, one of Elle Decor, and a Rearz fitted diaper that I won in a giveaway. This particular diaper requires a cover, which I do not have. So now of course I must buy one. I’m thinking of getting the Thirsties Duo Wrap, but anyone have any thoughts on the matter?


I need to buy a dress for my brother’s wedding which is in TWO WEEKS. This is crazy because I never thought my brother would get married. But anyway, he is, and in two weeks, and I am the only bridesmaid other than the maid of honor, her sister. The bride has graciously allowed us to choose our own black dresses. I am looking for something with an empire waist (see: baby weight), in a silky material, and preferably with sleeves of some sort because her sister’s dress has sleeves and I want to kind of sort of match her.

Maybe something like this faux wrap dress with cap sleeves:

 Or this, which I really like better, but it’s strapless:

 I don’t know. And now I’m realizing that I’ll need to buy shoes also. Well if I MUST.


Oh! I forgot to mention another exciting thing. Up until this week my husband has been driving a truck and therefore we’ve only had one car with a car seat which makes things kind of difficult at times. We didn’t want to get a new car because we want to pay off our debt, but we were able to work out a deal with his dad and we ended up trading him our truck for his car. Now all we have to do is buy a car seat and then I’ll be able to drop Meredith off at daycare, take the bus to work, and then David can pick her up much earlier than I’d be able to. We want to get another convertible car seat, but since we have to buy this one ourselves, probably not another Britax like we have already. What are some good, economical choices?


Cooking during the week now? Not going to happen for awhile, until I really get into a groove. I’ll be able to stock up on some weekends, but not this one. I’m too tired, have too many other things to do, and we have other things going on for dinner. I feel a little bit bad about that since it means I’ll have to take frozen meals to work for lunch next week, but I need a break from something. And that’s okay.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I have about a million loads of laundry to do.

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    From Tabaitha:

    So happy to hear you are getting back into the swing of things. Love the pictures of Meredith! I love the strapless dress. You could always get that and wear a short dressy cardigan with it giving you the sleeve look you want. If Peyton arrives before the wedding, our plan is to be there. Hopefully it will work out that way bc I would love to see you and meet Meredith.

  2. 2

    From Mandi:

    Kat –

    It’s great hearing your experiences. I’ve had a lot of friends with the same day care drop off & crying problems, but they say it does taper and you do eventually become okay with it. Glad to hear your stories as someone from the medical field – keep them coming!

    Also – is there any reason you guys chose daycare over a nanny? Is it just cost?

  3. 3

    From kapachino:

    That’s what everyone says! And I did have one good day this week where I didn’t cry, but it doesn’t take much to set me off. :)

    I would LOVE to have a nanny but it’s SO much more expensive! Daycare itself is like another mortgage!

  4. 4

    From Stephany:

    That photo of Meredith in the Astros shirt just kills me. She is one cute baby!

    I’m so glad to here your first week of work went well!

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    From lauren:


  6. 6

    From lauren:

    Or this:

    Or come to my apartment after work someday and you can look at my black dresses? I might have more than a few…

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