my brother got married

October 28, 2011

I have two awesome younger brothers, David and Barry. David is only 14 months younger than I am, while Barry and I are separated by 3 1/2 years. They are best friends, and while I don’t see or talk to them as much as I’d like, we still have a great time together and lots of wonderful memories.

David always said he’d be a lifelong bachelor. He claimed he was too selfish to get married. My husband told him over and over that all he needed was the right girl, and he’d change his mind. He was right. Basically, my brother is a walking cliche.

He and Maggie got engaged earlier this spring, and their wedding was a couple weekends ago. They wanted something small, laid-back, without all of the traditional rituals. I think they pulled it off wonderfully.

Now for some pictures! Once again, my aunt took all of these. I was too distracted. Thanks, Marchar!

This is the little outfit Meredith wore to the rehearsal:

They had a bunch of props out for the photobooth, and since my brother is a South Carolina grad, this was one of them.

Later at the rehearsal dinner Maggie’s sister’s daughter Stella (now David’s niece too) was fascinated by Meredith. She’s 2 1/2 years old. She wanted to hold Meredith, so I set them up but kept my hand there for safety. Stella took my hand and pushed it away and said, “Take your hand off.” She wanted to do it all by herself!

The newly-married couple! Maggie looked amazing.

My youngest brother Barry gave such an amazing Best Man speech. I wanted him to keep going! It was personal, funny, touching, and emotional. Seriously, some girl needs to snatch him up. When I got married he wrote me a 3-page letter full of memories. He brought Meredith a birthday gift in the hospital and makes special trips to see her. He’s sensitive, hilarious, and extremely smart. Any takers??

And of course, here’s Meredith in her wedding outfit. Their colors were black and red, so it was perfect.

Getting tired.

After a week of being sick and a weekend full of family and festivities, we were relieved to get back to our regular routine last week and enjoy a low-key weekend at home.

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    From rachieannie:

    You both looked great! Love her little hairbows :-)

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    From Emily:

    The Walking Cliche. It could be a movie. :) I love the last picture.

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