it’s mother’s day and i’m someone’s mommy.

May 13, 2012

I was super spoiled today. It was better than my birthday, I think. My husband said that being a mom is more important than just having a birthday, but I don’t know – I have to make it another year to continue being a mommy!
Regardless, he treated me. Meredith woke up at 5:45 a.m., like she does, but instead of getting up I just nudged him and he took her without complaining and I slept another glorious two hours. When I arose I was met with a balloon, flower, sweet card, and a pretty pair of earrings. (I was also allowed to shop for myself yesterday guilt free.) He made me coffee and breakfast and continued taking care of Meredith all morning so I could shower, get ready, and do whatever I wanted.
Then we went to a delicious brunch buffet with my family, and my brothers bought our meal AND gave me gifts. Back at home Meredith took a 2+ hour nap so I could get stuff done and relax – that rarely happens on the weekend. We visited the great grandparents at the nursing home for awhile, then finished up this perfect day with dinner outside in the beautiful weather with David’s family.
Sometimes it’s still hard to believe I’m a mom. It’s such a gift.

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    From Elizabeth:

    I could look at Meredith pictures all day! I’m glad it was a perfect day–she really is such a gift.

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