perfect weekend.

May 7, 2012

I love – love – weekends where I don’t have plans. Most of the time plans are fun, but there’s nothing like free time. This weekend was good like that. If I could, I would start every Saturday this way:

Wake up to a smiling baby ready to play. It’s early, but it’s okay because I went to bed early too.

First things first. Have a cup of coffee and some breakfast while I read for a little while. Baby is playing happily on the ground.

Get some laundry started. Meredith amuses herself – who needs a fancy water table when you have the toilet?

Go for a run. It’s not too hot out yet and best not to put it off. :)

Have some play time at home while I cool off – mirrors are loads of fun!

Do the weekly chores. Quickly clean the kitchen and sweep the floors while Meredith chomps on some puffies. I can enjoy the weekend so much  more if I get this stuff done right away.

Cook some blueberry & sausage pancake rollups. They don’t photograph well but sure are yummy!

Later we visited a book sale and I got several board books for cheap, continued work on the bedside table I’m redoing with my dad, and had dinner with David’s parents at Steak ‘N’ Shake. Sunday we visited a new church, went shopping for household sundries, I got some craft time in, and we spent the evening at home together chatting and working on a puzzle.

I’m recharged and ready for the week!

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