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October 4, 2013


I am so tired today. It’s been too much week. We’ve had something planned every night this week except for one, and that night the toddler was a hellion so I’m just beat. It was good stuff that we were doing: dinner with family, church, and our anniversary dinner (we went here and it was delish) but I’m just not used to having so much to do after work. Tonight we have to prep our house for carpet installation which is a lot of work, but I’m also super excited about the result.


This week at work has been lighter than usual which I am very grateful for, so I have had some computer time. I managed to blog every day this week, an accomplishment in itself, and I am also caught up with blog reading, Craigslist browsing, and my Pinterest feed. But the side effect is that I have a bunch more ideas and inspiration now that I still have no time to execute.


Speaking of crafts that I have no time for, here is an update on my autumn sampler:

autumn sampler progress

I haven’t worked on it since last weekend but it’ll get done…eventually.


And here is how my niece’s stocking is going:

stocking progress top

stocking progress bottom

I’m pretty happy with it so far and it’s still a really fun project. My mother-in-law and sister-in-law are at work on some of the pieces so I think there might actually be a chance that we finish it in time.


Here is what I want to get done this weekend, ideally: carpet installed and everything put back, regular chores, Project Life spread, list 9 for Book of Lists, some Photoshop work for a couple of blog posts, replace the outlets in the bedroom, visit the craft store to choose yarn for my blanket, a quick “just for fun” craft that I have supplies for, an IKEA trip, and painting the shelves in the bedroom. Plus I have a baby shower and church small group to attend. Sooo my plans might be overstretching things a bit. It doesn’t hurt to dream though, does it?

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    From Nora:

    I hope you can carve out moments of restoration for you this weekend. Can’t wait to see what the new carpets look like.

    The stocking looks great and I LOVE the cross-stitching.

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