completed bucilla stocking!

December 18, 2013

You guys I am super excited about this. I finally completed the stocking I was making for my niece!

bucilla stocking
Let me tell you again the reason I was making this. Everyone on my husband’s side of the family has a different one of these beautiful stockings (by Bucilla) handmade by his grandmother who the kids called Gigi. When we married into the family she even made one for us. This year we were all so sad when Gigi was diagnosed with two advanced forms of cancer and passed away within a few months. I personally really looked up to her and she is the one that gave me her sewing machine and taught me how to use it. She made Meredith many gorgeous knitted blankets, hats, sweaters, and toys. She also had an amazing life story that I never tired of hearing about.

Anyway, my niece Karley was born in March of this year and Gigi wasn’t able to make her a stocking so I volunteered to try! My mother-in-law and sister-in-law helped put a lot of the sequins on the pieces and I know they would have done more but it was kind of hard to split up the work with such a complicated project. I was also excited to figure it out by myself. As for my experience in needlepoint, I am an amateur cross-stitcher and I have only done the simplest of embroidery and felt work before. I was learning new things up until the very end with this, but I enjoyed every bit of it!

Now excuse me as I show you a ton of detail photos because I can’t stop looking at it.

stocking santa detail

Santa’s hat and face were the first pieces to go on. I’m glad they turned out as well as they did because I really had no idea what I was doing at first!

stocking train detail

stocking jack in the box detail

The train and the jack-in-the-box were probably the most time consuming parts of it.

stocking presents detail

stocking nametag detail

The hardest part might have been simply embroidering the name on the tag! Since it’s personalized I had to trace it onto tissue paper and then stitch over the paper, tearing it away at the end. It was kind of messy and I am just so happy that I didn’t have to redo the whole thing.

Another detail shot of the stitching:

stocking detail

The whole project was both easier and harder than I expected. I started it back in September because I had no idea how intense it would be, and I’m really glad I did. I don’t have a ton of spare time and this is some really detailed stuff! Every single little piece has to be sequined, embroidered, cut out, stuffed, and attached by hand. So it’s a lot, and I’m really glad I didn’t develop pregnancy carpal tunnel because I don’t know if I could have done it with numb fingers. :) But also, once I mastered a few stitches and became familiar with the material, it was really just matter of doing it!

For fun I hung it up on our fireplace to see it next to the others.

stockings on fireplace

From left to right is David’s, mine, Meredith’s, and Karley’s. You can see how the patterns have become way more complicated in recent years!

bucilla stockings1

bucilla stockings2

It is so satisfying to be finished with this project, but I can say that I am actually already looking forward to making another one for our little boy next year! For now though, I am really excited to be getting back to my true love, cross stitch, and this project that I set for myself at the beginning of the year. :)

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Comments on completed bucilla stocking!

  1. 1

    From Summer Gibson:

    That is amazing Kat!!! I LOVE it. You are so creative!! I can’t even sew a button on ;)

  2. 2

    From Melanie:

    It looks amazing! Great job getting it done by Christmas.
    My mom made us each a stocking when we were little, a similar technique, and I still love mine! When people started getting married and having babies, she has made a stocking for each new person! They have gotten less detailed as time goes on, but she does have 3 to complete this year!

    Your family’s are each so neat, love the nativity scene on yours, but all the sweets on Meredith’s are pretty spectacular, too!

  3. 3

    From kapachino:

    I imagine that if your family is anything like the one you married into, she has her hands full! :)

    I love my nativity, and I picked out the angel with the sweets for Meredith and it has turned out to be especially appropriate because the girl is obsessed with candy!

  4. 4

    From Kara:

    Oh my gosh, it looks awesome! I’d love to have hand-crafted stockings for my family one day, I can’t imagine trying to accomplish that myself!

  5. 5

    From Nora:

    Oh my word, that’s amazing! I love it!!! So awesome to see the stockings in order like that, too. Great job. I’m sure Karley will love it and treasure it. xo

  6. 6

    From Sarah:

    This looks amazing! You did an awesome job! I just finished a cross stitch stocking for my daughter — it took FOREVER. I’m not even pregnant with #2 but it might be worth starting on a second stocking right now. ;)

  7. 7

    From kapachino:

    I looked at your daughter’s stocking and it is soooo good! I have never taken on a cross stitch project that big and I’m really impressed. Can’t wait to see it put together!

  8. 8

    From Holly:

    That looks AMAZING! I would love to learn how to make hand-crafted stockings for my family – maybe that’s a project I’ll tackle next year :)

  9. 9

    From Kate @

    This is absolutely gorgeous. Cannot believe you handmade it!

  10. 10

    From alisa beth:

    Wow! You did a fantastic job! What an honor it must’ve been to make your niece’s stocking. Your family’s stockings are all so beautiful. What treasures to have. Now with Karley’s stocking under your belt, it’ll be a breeze to make your little boy’s stocking for next Christmas, right? I can’t wait to see what his will look like. Merry Christmas to you!

  11. 11

    From Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout:

    Congrats! I know that is a huge accomplishment! We had stockings like that in my family when I was growing up, and my mom’s still working on the one for my niece and she is already 2! I knit stockings for everyone in my little family, but getting the new one done for the baby has been a challenge — please get started right away and try to finish before your baby comes!

  12. 12

    From Yosseline:

    Como puedo obtener los moldes

  13. 13

    From Kathleen:! :)

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