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January 13, 2014


Christmas decorations are all put away after a burst of energy last week, and I have reclaimed this little reading spot if I can ever wake up early enough to use it.


Meredith loves stickers lately and especially putting them on the walls. Thankfully they come off easily, and so far I find it very cute to come across the evidence of where she’s been.


Weekend breakfasts out while daddy sleeps in are becoming one of my favorite things.


Splurged on some of these swaddling blankets that everyone seems to love, and looking forward to testing them out soon. :)


I also caved and got myself a few more large maternity shirts. Even the ones I already have are becoming too short.




David and I spent the night at a hotel in town on Saturday. It was my birthday gift to him since he doesn’t care about stuff, but time together is very important to both of us and we never seem to have enough of it. I highly recommend this idea to anyone, but especially for parents of young children. Meredith had a blast staying the night with my folks, and we treated ourselves to dinner at a nice steakhouse and then enjoyed the indulgence of staying in a place that wasn’t our own. Even though we were fifteen minutes away it provided the illusion that we were out of town and it just wouldn’t have been the same if we had stayed at home. In the morning he slept in and I got a couple hours of watching HGTV while cross-stitching, so I left there very relaxed. :)


When we got home it was such a gorgeous day that I just had to take Meredith on a walk. She still loves riding in the stroller so this is one of our favorite things to do even though it’s been awhile since it’s been either too cold or I’ve been too tired to take her out. I had Braxton Hicks contractions basically the entire time but it was worth it.


Then I decided it was high time I got myself a pedicure. I can’t do my own toes anymore and things weren’t looking too great down there. So I chose a blue tint in honor of having a boy, pulled out my new Rainbow sandals to start breaking in, and treated myself.

It was such a great weekend, and despite not sleeping very well (I rarely do anymore) I felt relaxed and also invigorated. If only I didn’t get so worn out with work then I could easily make it to my due date feeling great! But I am very thankful for weekends and the break they afford me, and these last chances to spend time one-on-one with David and as a family of three.

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    From Cait:

    Sounds like a great weekend! Erik and I just did the local hotel thing this weekend, too. We both still live at home with our parents, so it’s nice to go to a hotel and pretend we’re living on our own together. It’s very relaxing, too – we ordered room service for dinner and spent the night watching whatever silly stuff we could find on TV and talking about the future. I can imagine, though, that it’s even more magical/relaxing when you’re the parents of a toddler! :)

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