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March 28, 2014









This is the week that I went back to work, obviously. A few more hours and I’ve survived! Yesterday and today I’ve been on my new unit and I’m loving it, but my body is not used to all this activity yet so I’m pretty tired. Add to that the fact that I’ve started exercising (running and yoga so far) and our dog’s middle-of-the-night panic attacks have ramped up, and I just might sleep all weekend.

I’m still keeping up with Project Life so far, and last weekend I started a new cross stitch, a winter sampler and my first time to stitch on linen and with hand-dyed floss. Loving both. Plugging away at the quilt, too. It’s great that I can just do a piece or two at a time when I have a few minutes to spare. We’ve also been taking walks anytime it’s nice outside.

Last night my goal was to get us in bed earlier than 10, and we made it around 9. Meredith woke up on her own this morning, and although there was still a minor tantrum regarding what clothes to wear (predictably), overall she was much happier and easier to get out the door.

Still trying out the bullet journal, and so far I like the hybrid paper/digital approach I’ve adopted. We got new blinds installed in our bedroom recently so now I want to get the dresser decorated and then I can share photos of our progress there. I want to make a cute table runner to go on top. I also decided today that I want to turn one of our empty flower beds in the backyard into a wildflower/cutting garden. Any tips on that?

This weekend I plan to cuddle my baby, do a little exercise, and maybe craft a little. Apart from that it’ll just be relaxing and prepping for another week ahead. Happy Friday!

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    From Nora:

    Friend, I don’t know how you do it! I’m impressed and in awe of all that you get done in a week. I hope you get some much needed R&R this weekend and of course baby snuggles =) (Adore the picture of Meredith& Liam, btw.)

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