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March 26, 2014


>First of all, this is good. Aside from orientation being super boring for me since it’s just a review and involves a lot of sitting, I really like the new hospital and I LOVE the commute, which is about 15-20 minutes in the morning and half that in the afternoon. This is literally life-changing.

>Liam has been a champ at daycare. He sleeps, he chugs his bottles (about 16 oz a day so far), he takes a pacifier if needed, he only fusses when he wakes up, and they haven’t had any trouble with his cloth diapers.

>Pumping. Ugh. Apart from leaving my baby, it’s the worst part of being a working mom for me. I totally forgot all the ins and outs of it and my first day back I was a bit unprepared. But now I’m bringing all the things I need, and as a bonus there is a really nice lactation room to use.

>I need to bring snacks. A nursing mama is a hungry mama.

>Right now getting all the stuff ready to go in the mornings is the most stressful part of my day. I know I’ll get my routines down and it will get better though. I need to do as much as I can in the evenings.

>Also waking Meredith up in the morning now is like waking up a teenager. She moans and groans and eventually I just start undressing her in the bed.

>I’m adding three routines to my days that I was never really able to do before: daily Bible study (mornings before anyone else is up), exercise (first thing when I get home from work – although I’m soooo tempted to just go pick up the kids at this time, but this is something I need to do for me), and cooking dinner (as soon as I’m done exercising, and David will help with the kids). It is all totally doable, so now it’s up to me to have the discipline to follow through.

>The sad part is that after only two days I already feel a lot less connected to Liam. When I dropped him off today it was a lot harder than the first two days because I really miss him. The evenings so far are hectic with getting dinner on the table, entertaining a toddler, and trying to get to bed on time, so there isn’t time for me to just enjoy him. I hope the weekends fill my cup of baby time.

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    From Nora:

    Oh, I love that picture. He’s so adorable! Awesome news about the commute; how great is that!? It’s always a gift to have time back in our days. I’m like you: if I don’t go straight home and workout, it just doesn’t happen. I be sure to put my workout clothes on before I do anything else, so that I have the reminder that I Must.Work.out.

    Hope you get lots of cuddles and snuggles and time with Liam this weekend. thinking of you during this transition period. xo

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    From Nancy:

    Could you put Meredith to bed in her clothes for the next day to make mornings easier? That’s what our Not A Morning Person son who has to be at school at 7:40 AM does, and it helps a lot. Of course boys are less fashion-conscious than girls – he usually wears a T-shirt and sweats.

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    From kapachino:

    I’ve tried asking her to pick out her clothes the night before, but not actually wear them! I’ll try it!

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    From Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout:

    20 oz a day? Either you’re working really long days or he’s drinking a TON! Sam gets 3 4oz bottles. Josiah always took 3 5oz bottles, though, so I guess kids are just different.

    Morning routine with 2 kids is ROUGH. I’m very impressed that you manage to squeeze in Bible study time, I haven’t managed to make that happen on a regular basis yet.

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    From kapachino:

    Oops, he actually only eats 16 oz a day, but I’ve been sending 20 oz just in case. Edited the post!

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