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May 26, 2014

Around here, I ran my first 5k in several years.


Previous to this I had only run about 29 minutes straight (and right now I’m running approx 12 minutes per mile). A group of us from church were running and I’m happy my friend Joanna and I kept a similar pace and we were able to finish without walking (other than one short water break) in 36 minutes. I felt good! Races are so fun and I’m motivated to find the next one to sign up for.


Around here, summer has begun even if not technically. It’s hot and we kicked off the season by swimming in a friend’s pool. Meredith was super scared at first but eventually allowed me to lead her around the water and kicked her feet. I guess it’s time to think about swimming lessons for her.



Around here, we’ve also begun prepping our backyard flower beds by removing some rocks.


All of this activity really wore Meredith out. I set her on the counter and she straight up fell asleep like this.


Unfortunately the napping hasn’t been going so well and we have some extreme whining going on. I’m having to dig deep for extra patience and I seem to be lacking. Liam is just going with the flow though, only crying when he gets especially hungry.


Around here we had a family lunch but other than that we’re just hanging out. Reading, coloring, working on projects, taking walks to the park. Just look at that tired face.




As for me, I’m back at work on the quilt. Turns out the fabric I bought for the backing isn’t big enough so I’m going to patch together some strips to widen it.


I hope to not leave the house today except to maybe drive through Starbucks. I might not even change out of my pajamas. Happy Memorial Day. :)

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    From Melissa:

    Love your and Meredith’s smile in that third picture!

    Also way to go on the 5K and the quilt! It’s looking so good. I need to attempt some sort of sewing project in the foreseeable future…

  2. 2

    From Sarah:

    Your family dynamic sounds a lot like mine these days… easy baby, not-so-easy older kid. Sigh… I know we’ll miss these days when they’re gone, but wow they are challenging while I’m living through them!

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