weekend plans

May 30, 2014

weekend plans

It’s technically been a short week but it’s also felt long. We’ve had a lot of rain and even flooding. One day they couldn’t keep the water out of the infant room at my kids’ daycare, so I had to take Liam to another facility. That was a crazy morning.

Meredith has been in one of her difficult phases. I don’t even know how to describe it and I don’t really want to try, but I have felt sorely lacking in patience this week. However, she has also had a couple days of being extremely sweet and cute, so I never know which version of her I’m going to come home to. It’s exhausting.

Tonight we have our weekly dinner with my parents, and Saturday we have no plans so far. Sunday is church and small group in the evening. That leaves plenty of time to do other things, and this is what’s on my list:

  • weekly chores
  • plus one deep cleaning item (I’m thinking I want to clean the water deposit buildup on our fridge dispenser)
  • meal plan + grocery trip
  • take some specific photos for future blog posts
  • baste together my quilt sandwich (still haven’t decided whether to machine or hand quilt it)
  • at least start working on a runner I’m making for our dresser
  • work on Liam’s stocking
  • try to get a workout in
  • something fun with the kids – I’d say the pool but it’s supposed to keep raining

What’s on your weekend to-do list?

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Comments on weekend plans

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    From yours truly, melissa:

    For a short week I also feel like it’s been a long week too. I’m exhausted! Alice has developed some stranger/danger and separation anxiety. Mostly I love all the extra cuddles but it can be tiring since she primarily just wants me.

    Hope we get some rest this weekend in between the productivity, of course :)

  2. 2

    From Holly:

    My husband’s away this weekend so my main goal is survival :) I’d like to go grocery shopping and buy a bistro set for our balcony, and maybe spend some time picking out flowers for window boxes with my MIL.

  3. 3

    From Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout:

    What an ambitious weekend! I am just hoping to squeeze in grocery shopping and laundry besides taking my son to a friend’s birthday party on Saturday morning and lots of church stuff Sunday.

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