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November 10, 2014

I love the idea of homemade gifts, and even though I’ve pretty much given up on the idea for this year (I can’t do it all), I did do some research and brainstorming for some ideas. There is still time to make these happen if you’re up for it!

Candles – making your own candles is actually really easy! I’ve done it following this tutorial. It doesn’t take long either. Or you could do a simple drugstore candle makeover.


Dip dyed placemats – I’ve never done any of my own dyeing but I hear it’s pretty simple. These are so pretty!

dip dyed placemats

Stained letterpress block – I’ve been meaning to do this one for awhile. A five-minute, personalized project, perfect to display.

stained letterpress block

Woven wall hangingthese can be super simple to make. Double up on the yarn and it’ll go faster.

woven wall hanging

Quilted coastersThese look pretty straightforward if you have a small amount of sewing skills.

quilted coaster

Cloth napkins – Or, even more simple in the sewing arena, just get some pretty fabric and make it into napkins.

cloth napkins

Cleaning supplies gift basket – How nice would it be to get some all-natural, good-smelling cleaning supplies with recipes? Great ideas and links here.

cleaning supplies

Well sorry family, you are probably not getting any of these lovely gifts this year. But if I start working on them now, maybe by next Christmas. :)

Have you ever done homemade gifts? Would you consider it?

All photos courtesy of the sources linked.

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Comments on homemade gift ideas

  1. 1

    From Sarah @ Beauty School Dropout:

    Those stained letterpress blocks are cute and seem pretty easy. I might be hitting Jo-Ann’s this week! (I keep accumulating small gifts for people and I feel like I need to add a couple more things to make it a substantial gift.)

  2. 2

    From Holly:

    I try and make one handmade gift for the kids each year but that’s it. I would love to make handmade gifts for everyone on my list – or buy handmade ones! – but I’m not organized enough and I always run out of time! I love the letterpress block idea!

  3. 3

    From Nora:

    Those coasters are gorgeous. I have ZERO sewing experience but I wouldn’t be mad if somehow those wound up under the tree for me.

    I have done some photo books in the past for family, but that’s usually about it on the homemade front. This year we aren’t doing presents (which is both a relief and a tad sad, at the same time)… I’m excited to regroup and do presents/traditional Christmas next year! I think that we (me and D) will still get an ornament for our tree, which is something we have been doing since our first year of living together. It’s fun to find and pick one out that means something to us!

  4. 4

    From shelly:

    I would love all of these as gifts!! I always make a couple handmade gifts for family members (usually my niece bc she’s most fun to make for!) This year I’m doing clay bells for my sis and a painting for my new baby niece but I’m seriously loving the placemat or napkin set idea!!

  5. 5

    From Ruth:

    For my church group, we have a gift exchange where you have to bring something handmade/spend less than $5. Last year I made homemade cranberry applesauce. This year, I had fun experimenting with the fancy stitches on my sewing machine. I have a pack of Target multi colored cardstock with matching envelopes – so I added just one line of fancy stitch with pretty thread which made the cards super cute.

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