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May 22, 2015

around here

Around here it’s been a weird week because Liam was sick for five straight days. On Sunday night he got a fever of 105 which was causing just a little bit of internal panic but we managed to get it down pretty quickly with meds and a cool bath. At urgent care that morning they had claimed it was just a virus so we never did go back to the doctor. Each day his fever was slightly lower until finally yesterday it didn’t come back. In addition to that he has a particularly heinous cough, but nothing overly concerning.

Monday my mom was able to watch Liam, then I was home with him during the day on Tuesday and worked an evening shift in Pre-op, then I was home with him Wednesday and Thursday. David was out of town on a fishing trip (bad timing for my coworkers who probably got the worst end of the deal) but my in-laws were awesome about giving me a break in the evenings.

around here

I’ve really enjoyed the special time with Liam, but it’s been a bit exhausting! There has been a lot of holding him, playing on the floor, running interference between him and the cats, watching Mother Goose Club, and peekaboo.

I did manage to get him to nap in the bed a few times (as opposed to my lap or the car) and I was able to FINISH my December album from 2014 which was a huge accomplishment for me. Now I’m completely caught up with scrapbooking projects, and to celebrate I cleaned up my crafting table and did a little decluttering of supplies. Feels so good! (Also, I pre-ordered Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life kit so hopefully by the time that happens late in the summer I’ll be ready to start a new project!)

around here

I also did some work on my cross stitch sampler this week. I’m actually almost done with the house now, but this is the most recent pic I have. I’m definitely behind on the stitchalong, but I’m still making progress!

around here

I got to do a lot of reading this week – finished two books! The Light Between Oceans for book club, which I am still kind of mad at for messing with my emotions so much, and Better Than Before by Gretchen Rubin. I think I could dedicate a blog post to each and every chapter of that one (and I was tempted to!) but for now I’ll just say that I found it incredibly motivating and practically helpful. I do intend to make some concrete changes to solidify some healthy habits and I will share my action plan with you when I get it worked out.

This weekend I’m running a 5k, having a delayed family dinner for Mother’s Day, and meeting for book club. I have Monday off work so we are deciding if we should try to go on an adventure, although it is supposed to rain. We shall see!

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    From Sarah K:

    So sorry Liam was sick again! We’ve got an appointment for Sam to get assessed for tubes in his ears… and in the meantime he gets another ear infection. Yep, I’m thinking tubes are in our future.

    I loved Better Than Before! What are those worksheets at the end of your post?

  2. 2

    From Kathleen:

    They are downloads from her website! Helpful to reference since I don’t own the book.

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