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July 31, 2015

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I’m not sleeping well. It’s been a problem for awhile now. The combination of Meredith staying up too late and Liam waking up all night (because if he’s not sick, he’s teething) is getting to me. Sometimes I feel like my whole life would be perfect if only the kids would sleep in their own beds and I could get a decent night’s sleep.

How would you tackle it, if you had a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old who have slept in bed with you all their lives? And you have gone to sleep at the same time as them that whole time? And your 1-year-old still nurses at night? And the crib and the twin bed are in the same room? Because I need a plan.

Other than the sleep issue, we are chuggin’ along. We’re basically in hibernation mode because the heat is unbearable. The kids have watched more Daniel Tiger than is probably healthy. We had a friend and her son over for a mid-week dinner – something we rarely do – but it was so great. All the toys were suddenly fun again, like they were playing with them for the first time. Really they were just showing off. Meredith talked in detail about all of her birthday presents, and Liam was hamming it up playing Peekaboo and carrying the cats everywhere and just generally being crazy.

I’m a few weeks into a weight lifting program, and it’s going well. I’m sore all the time though. I’ve also been going to yoga once a week consistently. Once I get the routine down a bit more, I’m planning to add running back into my schedule. Do any of you have a Fitbit? I’ve had it for work for a year (we have to wear it to get lower insurance premiums) and it’s not nearly as motivating to me as I expected it to be. I rarely make my goal of 10,000 steps per day no matter how many challenges I join. My father-in-law routinely hits 20,000 steps per day and it’s kind of sickening. Obviously, the Fitbit works for him.

I joined Snapchat. It makes me feel like an idiot/a hundred years old, but I persevere. The username “kapachino” was taken (WHO ARE YOU??) so I’m “kapachinoblog” over there. Also, when I first signed up someone was already using it under my email address so that was weird and I totally commandeered their profile. Anyway, you’ll probably see mostly random stuff of my kids and cats if you follow my story. (Is that the right lingo? I don’t even know.) Also, Periscope. Are we doing Periscope now?

I have some fun plans this weekend. A social gathering for quilters on Instagram, dessert with a friend, and book club. I also started cutting fabric for Meredith’s quilt this week, so maybe I can make some progress on that. I sort of set up my week in the life album and I’m getting excited for that project.

Let’s discuss: how to get my kids out of my bed, Snapchat, weekend plans.

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    From Nora:

    Periscope? What is this? I don’t know!!!

    D’s sister & her two kids (freshman, senior in high school respectively) were visiting and one of my nieces mentioned “yik yak,” which i also know nothing about and suddenly I realized I am no longer the cool Aunt. I was when I met D but nearly five years later, not so cool anymore. Sigh.

    Weekend plans? Ours totally suck, except for tonight. Pizza sendoff party with our family & friends for the kidlets. Then tomorrow? Six hour round trip drive to drop the girls off (I’m so glad we meet halfway because if we had to drive 12 hours tomorrow I would lose my cool) and then another long day on Sunday for D’s grandmother’s funeral. Things have been really REAL around here lately, full of emotions and toughness and I’m at my wits end, also not sleeping well, overly stressed, under worked out (I miss it!!) and generally wishing I could escape reality. I’m such a joy, eh? ;)

  2. 2

    From Sarah:

    Emma’s been in her own crib/bed since 6 weeks old so I have no advice for you on the sleeping thing, other than to hope you get some rest soon! Being tired is the worst. :(

    Why is everyone suddenly joining Snapchat? Did I miss something?

    I think every weekend is going to be packed until baby 2 arrives over here. We’ve got a “super siblings” class at the hospital, a kid birthday party, and a baby shower for me. Wish I could make the IG quilting meetup, but maybe next time!

  3. 3

    From Brittany:

    I had Snapchat and then deleted it because I didn’t see the appeal. And periscope, I just can’t bring myself to download it. There is too many social media options! I can’t handle it all! I am all about the instagram.

  4. 4

    From Mikal:

    Kids and sleep are so hard to figure out. Plus when you are so so so tired it’s so hard to stick with a plan. I don’t have any good advice but I hope you can get Meredith happily sleeping in her own room soon.

  5. 5

    From Maria:

    just added you on Snapchat. Have followed your blog for years, even before Meredith was born. I think I found you through some book blogs. No advice on the sleeping. My boys are adults now. I am FitBit friends with you but not too motivated to meet my steps. I am a teacher on summer vacation and have been reading lots. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. 6

    From Melissa:

    I feel for you on the sleep!!! I wish I had some advice too, but I was nervous about co-sleeping so my kids have been in their own beds since the beginning… I would think you just have to do it. Be prepared for some crying, some fit throwing, some hard nights (weeks). But I too think that sleep is so important and essential to your physical and mental health! Or maybe you could start sleeping with them in their rooms…? Buy a blow up mattress or something so you can be in there too and maybe start with being in the same room if not the same bed as a starting transition point. Then work your way out of the room. And the nursing in the night…obviously that’s a comfort thing now. Maybe start thinking about weaning the night feeding…offer water or whole milk even? Obv I’m not expert – just brainstorming.

    I have a fitbit and I like it. I’ll come up on a year in October. It’s more motivating at some times than others. The frustrating thing is if I do a workout that doesn’t involve moving in a specific way (ie: walking or running) it doesn’t really work. So if I do a HIIT workout that involves lots of jumping/lunges/stationary exertion then it doesn’t pick that up even though I’m sweating buckets and my heart is racing. That annoys me.

    I have snapchat too, but I deleted the app because I felt, as you say, too old! Ha! I couldn’t figure it out…but I’m still intrigued. If I can muster up the energy I’ll find you on there. I can’t even remember what I picked for a login.

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