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October 13, 2015

around here mid october

around here mid october

around here mid october


around here mid october

around here mid october

around here mid october

around here mid october

Hello hello! We’ve been staying busy, and here are a few things that we’ve been up to:

  • Got a new car (last photo). David’s truck was past the point of saving so we bit the bullet and went to Carmax and came home with a 2014 Mazda5. He is letting me drive it, so I’m trying not to think about the car payment and just enjoying having a new car. I do really love it, even if it is approaching minivan territory.
  • Started weekly Financial Peace University classes (Dave Ramsey). Bad timing to take on new debt but since there was no other option we are just focusing on making progress from here on out!
  • My work is still inconsistent and unpredictable, so I’ve done some commuting to the medical center and working in other units.
  • Dealing with difficult bedtime & sleeping situations with the kids. There is always some sort of struggle and either one or both of us ends up sleeping badly.
  • I’ve been having a ton of fun with the new adventure of It Works. Love the products, love the company, love that there is real earning potential to help my family. AND I already got to reconnect with my friend Chelsea, not to mention meet some other awesome girls. Hoping to share more about this in a full post soon!
  • No crafting at ALL . Just no time. Maybe this coming weekend!
  • Reading way too many books at one time and can’t seem to finish anything.
  • The normal shenanigans – jumping on the bed, eating the “smelly” markers, visiting the cousins, tea parties, and more. David attempted to carve a pumpkin with Meredith and you can see the result above. He really tried, and all I could say was, “Bless your heart.” Couldn’t stop smiling. :)

Around here it still feels like summer and I haven’t made any plans for my kids’ Halloween costumes. How about you??

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    From Nora:

    I haven’t had a new car in forever (going on 9 years); I am dreading the day I have to take on a car payment because it is just so nice to not have one. BUT! New cars are a lot of fun.

    Our weather is back and forth between hot and comfortable, which figures because I recently switched my summer clothes for “fall/winter” clothes. We have no pumpkins yet- D hates carving them, I love it, so we usually compromise and just get a few pumpkins and call it a day. I may do a pumpkin craft this weekend. Will see.

  2. 2

    From Cait:

    I love that photo of Meredith reading. She looks so grown up!

    I need a new car really, really soon and I’m dreading it. It will be my first major purchase and it feels so overwhelming. The weather here is also still warm, so it doesn’t feel like a proper autumn. My concern is that we’ll go straight from 70-degree days to freezing weather, without some nice crisp-but-comfortable fall days.

  3. 3

    From Sarah K:

    Congrats on your new car! Josiah wants to be Flash Batman and I have no clue about Sam. We have a hand me down pumpkin costume, or we might do another superhero mash-up costume. =)

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