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Fat Burning Yoga

March 30, 2009

  I’ve always been an active person, but throughout my life my main form of exercise has been playing soccer. Even after I graduated from college I continued to play on adult leagues, indoor and outdoor. But the games are either late on week nights or on Sunday mornings. I can’t stay up late anymore because of work, and I won’t miss church to play soccer. So this past year has marked the first time in my life that I haven’t played, and I am in significantly worse shape now because of it. Even though soccer involves a LOT of running, I’m just not a runner. I tried to be for awhile, and at times I do enjoy it. But…
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Cute Socks

March 17, 2009

Before I became a nurse I was really excited about the prospect of wearing scrubs every day. And I do admit, they are comfortable. Also, it takes me no time at all in the morning to pick out what I’m wearing. The biggest decisions I have to make are: Do I want to wear a white or black undershirt? Do I want to wear the scrub top that buttons down or pulls over my head? It’s pretty great. However, it comes with a price – UTTER BOREDOM. At Methodist, there is only one color of scrubs we can wear, and it is called Caribbean Blue. This is what it looks like: Not a bad color, really, but it gets old….
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Obsession: ChaCha

August 28, 2008

I heard about this on NPR last week. ChaCha is kind of like a search engine for your phone. All you do is text a question to CHACHA (242242) and real live people search online for the most accurate answer to your question. My first question was: “What flowers are in season in Houston for an October wedding?” Answer: “For a fall wedding, pick from these flowers to use: aster, chrysanthemum, dahlia, marigold, static and zinnia.” It’s really helpful because of the human element, and I don’t have to wade through a bunch of results to find what I need. It’s free except for your phone plan’s text messaging rate. Try it!

Obsession: Del Monte Fruit Chillers

September 15, 2007

My classmate Lauren has been bringing Del Monte Fruit Chillers to lunch almost every school day. I’ve heard her recommend them to several people. So when I was grocery shopping today I picked some up. I’m so glad I did. Obviously I like them enough to dedicate an entire blog post to them. But let me tell you why. Buy them on the canned fruit aisle, then freeze them. The result is a cold, creamy, fruity treat. There are three flavors: strawberry, raspberry, and mango. They taste like a smoothie with a slightly more solid consistency. And I LOVE smoothies, so that is a high compliment. Furthermore, they are fat free and have 3/4 of a serving of fruit. Seriously,…
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The Nickel Creek Concert: One Less Thing To Do Before I Die

April 24, 2007

I will admit, I haven’t been to a ton of concerts in my life, but I’ve been to some. And seeing Nickel Creek live last Friday, something that I have been wanting to do for years, was the best live music experience I have ever had in the quarter century that I have walked this earth. First of all, the band graciously requested a no-smoking policy at the club they performed in. That was wonderful. And thanks to some friends of mine who got there REALLY early and let us stand in line with them, we got to stand on the FRONT ROW. Which, as Lauren said, is the only way that counts. This band is raw talent. And they’re…
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