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around here // rainy weekend

October 14, 2013

Sorry for the picture overload today but it was a good weekend. We went with all of David’s family to a local pumpkin patch first thing Saturday morning before the rain hit, and even though it was hot and muggy (I mean, it’s the middle of October so why wouldn’t it be?) the kids had such a good time. The highlight was riding ponies and the petting zoo. Super cute. Then it turned rainy and miracle of miracles, Meredith was in a good mood the entire weekend, took decent naps on both days, and even entertained herself for a lot longer than usual. I was able to actually do some crafting while she was awake! I made a lot of…
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around here

September 9, 2013

this bag gets packed several times a day with different stuff, usually swimsuits, socks, and shorts library books for the win her shirt matches the pillow still love these stamps painting my toenails and getting a Project Life spread done lifted my spirits all of the stuffed animals and dolls need to be fed choosing new carpet is kind of hard but very exciting on a solo Target trip I bought a $6 full-length mirror the better to take Instagram selfies, of course cross-stitching with 30 Rock  on a walk to fight the no-nap tantrum *** On Friday afternoon as I was wrapping up at work I felt so energized, inspired, and geared up for life in general and the weekend…
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around here // tuesday night

August 21, 2013

Last night was a normal night at home, but a pretty good one. I got home a little early, before David brought Meredith home which was kind of nice because I had a chance to get things tidied up (before they got messed up again) and a few things done quickly. I put together a batch of breakfast sandwiches to freeze for the rest of the week, then sat down to check out the state of Project Life. Right now I’m trying to put together the spread for July and I have the photos in place but I need to do the journaling and add the extras. I’ve decided that this monthly spread approach is not working for me because…
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we went on a trip, and some other stuff

August 9, 2013

Hey-o. It’s been a couple of weeks. Bear with me as life has been kind of a blur, but today I really miss blogging and want to get back into it. Right now a blog that is motivating me (and that I’m loving) is Camp Patton. I will never be as funny as she is but I love how she writes so regularly, just everyday relatable stories, and maybe I can do something like that. So in that spirit, here’s what’s been up. Apparently I’m still growing a human inside of me, although I don’t always entirely believe it. But if we just go with the evidence, I’m 15 weeks along and into the second trimester now. Feeling pretty good…
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around here // recovery weekend

May 20, 2013

David was out of town most of last week, arriving home late Thursday night. Friday night I already had plans with a friend to see The Great Gatsby (loved it btw), then Saturday morning I had to work for a few hours. By that time we were both exhausted, but it was all better when I arrived home after work and Meredith yelled “Mommy!” then ran to me with her arms open for a hug. She’s never done that before and after this weekend I feel like she’s at the pinnacle of cuteness and she cannot possibly get any better. The rest of the weekend was devoted to family time and low key fun, once the chores were done. I…
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