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I Am…

September 9, 2009

…not hungry even though it’s my lunchbreak thanks to the free bagels and cookies someone brought to work. …excited about having joined 20-something bloggers. …contemplating an attempt on a VERY low-cost, creative makeover to my dining room. Any ideas? (It needs help desperately.) …trying to convince my husband to team up with my youngest brother on a blog because they are both hilarious. …loving my job. I had a dream that I quit and began working in a clinic instead and I hated it. …excited about the prospect of being able to do a little more with my blog design thanks to my brother. …wondering which of my 101 goals to tackle next. …nearing the end of two books simultaneously, which makes…
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I’m Attending SchipulCon09

August 20, 2009

My brother is a web designer and head of a creative team at a Houston web marketing/design company called Schipul. One of their clients is the Houston Zoo (check out the awesome website!), and this year Schipul is putting on a two day conference there. I follow Schipul’s updates on Twitter, so I knew this was going on but I didn’t think it applied to me. Then I saw my brother at church and he handed me a bunch of fliers for the conference. He said, “You should come!” I said, “But I’m not a web marketer.” He said, “It doesn’t matter, come hang out and learn about the Internet!” And after I noticed that I could actually get the…
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Priorities, Time Saving, Organization

July 23, 2009

Did you know that in soccer you can get a yellow card for time wasting? It’s true; my brother specialized in it. But wait, did you know that a yellow card, in soccer, is like a warning? And if you get two of them you get a red card, which ejects you from the game, and also the following game? Some people think of their cards as badges of honor, but time wasting? It’s kind of a stupid reason to get a card. I hate wasting time. On my days off, I feel really disappointed in myself if I’m not extremely productive. It’s kind of ridiculous, because I know I need to just rest sometimes, but in general that’s how…
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Seven Things

July 14, 2009

I was tagged to write seven things about myself on Saturday by Kaitlyn, and since she said I am an awesome woman I simply must comply. Tomorrow I should have some great pictures of our somewhat-finished living room to share with you, but for now I hope you enjoy these tidbits: 1. I was born at The Methodist Hospital, same place I now work. 2. One of my favorite things about my job is when I get to make beds. I’ve always enjoyed that task; I find it therapeutic. 3. The mattress for our bed is my favorite piece of furniture. It cost $4000 and we are paying it off in two years, no interest. WORTH IT. 4. I am…
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#31. Take the Charge Nurse Class

June 11, 2009

I went to the 8-hour long class at Methodist the other week that supposedly taught me how to be a charge nurse. What is that, you wonder? Well, a charge nurse is basically like a supervisor. Except that we already HAVE a supervisor on our unit. Two, in fact: our director, and the nursing manager. The manager acts as the charge nurse Monday through Friday, and she doesn’t have a patient assignment. But on the weekends, we’re on our own. Someone has to charge, and that person has to have a patient assignment as well. For my weekend, that person is always my mentor Pat. But she’ll be retiring soon, so others will have to take over. At first, being the…
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