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thoughts on returning to work & some news!

March 7, 2014

Well, I have an official return-to-work date: March 24. So I have two more weeks of freedom, and then it’s back to real life. I have so many thoughts and feelings! But before I go any further, I have to share my news: I have a new job! (Sort of!) Let me explain. I work in the Houston medical center, which is awesome and prestigious, and the hospital I work for (Methodist) is the best. I’ve worked there for almost six years and for the past three I’ve been in an outpatient infusion cancer center and I would happily continue on there until I retire, probably, except for one thing. The problem is that we live in a suburb and…
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cross stitch #3 : rosy posy

March 5, 2014

A little over a year ago I set a goal for myself to complete, frame, and blog about ten cross stitch projects. Here I am today finally sharing another one with you, even though it’s only the third one in this challenge. This one is from Cross Stitcher magazine and it was pretty fun. I placed it in a simple wooden frame I found at Goodwill. Eventually I think it might end up on the gallery wall in our bedroom that I’m dreaming up, but for now I have it propped up on our little buffet area. It’s always so satisfying to see a completed project displayed!

quick takes

February 28, 2014

one Here’s what I’ve been doing with myself during the days the last couple of weeks: I’m almost completely caught up with Downton Abbey, I finished 30 Rock, made more progress on my autumn sampler, framed another old completed project, and am almost done with a birth cross stitch for Liam (will share both soon). I finished my 2013 Project Life album and have started planning for 2014, I read the book Redeeming Love and am currently working my way through both Joyland by Stephen King and Cold Sassy Tree by Olive Ann Burns. I’m also doing a Bible study with the women at my church even though I can only attend a couple of the meetings, but I am doing the…
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quick takes

February 14, 2014

one This has been a really long and stressful week, and I’m not even working right now. The emotions of losing our dog have gotten to all of us. Monday night after the long day at the vet Meredith had a fever, so she stayed home with me on Tuesday. She was cranky and didn’t nap, so by the end of the day I was in tears exhausted. Wednesday our other dog Eddie had a panic attack that wouldn’t go away so I spent much of the day standing up because if I sat down she wouldn’t stop clawing me and Liam. Yesterday was better but I had a doctor’s appointment so I made the long trek to the medical…
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holiday minibook complete!

February 12, 2014

Okay, after two days of emotional posts I need to focus on some lighthearted things for awhile. Let’s start with this, our finished holiday minibook! I know it’s almost Valentine’s Day but since nothing was getting done but the bare minimum until this baby was born, I’m pretty happy that I finished it while it’s still winter anyway. For the base I purchased a mixed paper book from Petaline Prints (currently none are available but maybe she’ll have more next holiday season) which I loved and was perfect for what I intended. During the holidays I saved anything I thought I might want to add to the book, took lots of photos, and then after Christmas I printed them all and…
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