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Sharing The Gilmore Love

August 13, 2007

If you don’t know this about me, then you need to: I am a die-hard fan of Gilmore Girls. I am not ashamed because it is an excellent show. Even my brother admits it. Anyway, I was vaguely aware that my new roommate, Courtney, had a distaste for the show, but I suppose I chose to block it out of my memory because I didn’t want to believe it. The other night we were sitting at the dinner table and she said, “I’ve been eyeing your Gilmore Girls DVDs lately,” and she had this look on her face as if she was about to confess to me that she prostitutes herself at night once we’ve gone to sleep. “Have you…
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Seriously Random Thoughts

May 22, 2007

> I just signed up for a Flickr account, so if you have an account as well, add me as a contact! >I really appreciate Chick-fil-a’s fruit cups because they don’t have any melon in them. I dislike melon. I also think putting melon in a fruit cup or fruit salad is a cop out for restaurants because it takes up so much room. >I was driving yesterday and I saw this sign outside of a church: “CH–CH. What’s missing? UR.” I’m all for a clever sign, but I don’t know how I feel about this one. >The best news I’ve heard in a long time? “We don’t really do care plans in this class.” I love psychiatric nursing already!…
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Not Your Typical Academy Awards Post

February 26, 2007

My fellow Americans, I would like to take this opportunity to announce some of my thoughts on the Academy Awards. These thoughts are not necessarily related specifically to the awards except for the fact that they are thoughts that I had while watching said awards. Please indulge me. 1. Although I was vehemently opposed to Dreamgirls or any of its participating members winning anything simply because I thought that the movie was painfully overrated (and by that I mean that the movie was PAINFUL and OVERRATED), I must say that Jennifer Hudson was pretty adorable last night, and now I can’t help but like her. 2. I noticed something quite disconcerting. Exhibit A: Greg Kinnear, actor in Little Miss Sunshine:…
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