Cloth Diapers, Nursery Progress, & Other Domestic Updates

September 5, 2011

Contrary to the way my I have portrayed myself, I don’t actually sit around watching TV day in and day out. The arrival of a baby to this house has actually awoken my hibernating nesting instinct! So here are some domestic updates for you, aka boring things that I’m now excited about.

Meredith is wearing cloth diapers now!

At a little over ten pounds, she finally fits into her small Fuzzibunz. She’s been wearing them for about a week now and I love it SO much. I was worried about the transition, but it has been extremely easy! Honestly, I would choose cloth diapers just because of how much fun it is for me, to say nothing about the money-and-planet-saving aspect of it, and how good it is for the baby’s skin. I’ll do a post about this once we get a little more experience. But seriously, LOVE. So much so that I’m now addicted to entering all the giveaways I can find for cloth diapers. Did y’all know that there’s, like, an entire black hole of blogs dedicated solely to cloth diapers and giveaways? It’s amazing and dangerous.

I made a recipe binder!

I completed the binder I linked to in my cooking post, and I’m pretty happy with it. First, I’m happy about completing a project, and second, I think this will help me a lot! I always thought that I would compile my recipes online somehow, but I think I do better with having something printed out for me to look through. I think I will eventually look for new recipes online, and then once I have tried them and know we love them, I’ll print it out and add it to the binder. My next goal in this area (other than continuing to cook several dinners a week, which, so far so good) is to figure out a good system for meal planning and grocery shopping, and I also want to reorganize my pantry and kitchen cabinets to make everything easier on myself.

The nursery is almost finished!

I’m especially excited about this one because this will be the first room that I can say I’m completely happy with in our house since we moved in almost three years ago. All I need to do is frame and hang a piece I just received from Etsy, and when that’s finished I can do a complete nursery tour. I just love spending time there, it makes me so happy.

In other news:

>I’m still plugging through Infinite Jest and will for sure be finished by the time I go back to work, but if I can finish this week that would be ideal. I appreciate the mastery of the writing and really enjoy some parts, especially as it gets near the end, but I have to say that I almost lost it with the animal abuse (if you’ve read it you KNOW what part I’m talking about). Anyway, I am looking forward to having it behind me and moving on to other books, like The Help which is our next book club book, but I think I’ll actually miss it once I’m finished.

>Our small church recently disbanded (long, sad story) so now we have begun the process of visiting new churches every week. It’s kind of fun and exciting, but overwhelming too, especially with a new baby! We went to one over the weekend that I really loved, so things look promising.

>My brother is getting married next month! Check out the cool wedding website he designed.

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Comments on Cloth Diapers, Nursery Progress, & Other Domestic Updates

  1. 1

    From Suburban Sweetheart:

    Your brother’s wedding website is awesome! Congrats to them.

    I’m interested in hearing about how/why cloth diapering is “fun.” I understand the environmental part, but… I cannot possibly imagine what is enjoyable about them otherwise. That said, Meredith looks darn cute in that photo! :)

    AND. I tried “Infinite Jest” but ultimately failed. I just couldn’t get into it, & it was so long & daunting… I quickly moved on to a few YA series set in dystopian futures. Yes, I am approximately 16 years old.

  2. 2

    From kapachino:

    I can’t really explain why cloth diapering is fun! First of all, poop and pee don’t bother me in the least (maybe it’s my nursing background, or then again it’s probably just a lucky break because other bodily fluids like spit and mucus make me gag) so changing a baby isn’t that gross to me. The cloth diapers are really cute, and I guess I start to see them more as clothes. I enjoy getting Meredith dressed in the morning, and I enjoy putting on a new diaper!

  3. 3

    From Becca:

    Kathleen, I think you are right about why they are so fun. Its wonderful to put something so soft and fluffy feeling on your baby’s bottom. I love that I am so much more aware of when they are wet and need to be changed. And, yes, during the warmer months, that’s ALL our kids ever wear. Not only do we save on money by doing diapers, I literally have no laundry to do during the summer because they either wear the diapers (unless we are out, which we aren’t that much) or they are wearing their swimsuits. Talk about simple!

    So glad you like them. I was hoping you would see the beauty in them. Meredith would thank you if she could get the words together.

  4. 4

    From Sarah:

    Do share some of these cloth diapers blogs!

  5. 5

    From Melanie S:

    I’ve got one! It’s more of a generic mommy review blog (click on my name to check it out), but I’m giving away a cloth diaper on Sept 23, and have a couple other cloth-related giveaways & discounts waiting in the wings. Plus, the giveaway I’m doing is for a company that sells the most adorable cloth diapers for $8 each. EIGHT DOLLARS EACH! It blows my mind…and takes the guilt out of buying “just one more”.

  6. 6

    From kapachino:

    How neat! Right before you posted your comment I had just finished entering your giveaway. I think I found it through a linky somewhere. I saw the $8 price tag and was SO impressed!

  7. 7

    From Melanie S:

    :-) I found your blog through the comment on my giveaway, so there we go! I couldn’t believe the price either, and the diapers are fantastic!

  8. 8

    From Elizabeth:

    I think cloth diapers are fun too. They are just a baby accessory and I love coordinating them with different outfits! You must try KaWaii diapers- super affordable, and we have never had a single leak! Love them!

  9. 9

    From Kyla Roma:

    I love that there’s a whole universe of cloth diaper giveaways- I was not aware of that! :)
    I’m glad you’ve found something that’s working so well for you & can’t wait to hear about why they’re so wonderful for you & your little Meredith :)

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