August 13, 2012

I had such a fun weekend. Meredith walked. On Saturday it was just three steps and I didn’t know when she’d repeat it, but on Sunday she took off and I knew it was the real deal. Seeing the exhilarated smile on her face makes me so happy; I know it’s the natural course of development but I have never felt so proud.

We played together a lot over the weekend, which I am enjoying more and more. She is doing purposeful things with her toys now instead of just throwing them or eating them. She is interacting with me better and showing such joy. And as a follow up to my last post, we started a bedtime routine with her and for three nights in a row now she’s fallen asleep without needing to be driven.

Other weekend things: A few weeks ago I started a weekly ritual of making pancakes from scratch. It’s easy and yummy. I read a lot, and finished The Age of Innocence. I started cataloging and organizing my books, and even though it will probably take me weeks to finish, I am loving the process of laying hands on all my books again. David and I went on a date to see The Dark Knight Rises. I hung out with a coworker-turned-friend, and recorded a day in the life for VEDA.

There are some things hanging over my head these days, but for the most part life is good and I am choosing to see that.

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    From Mom:

    For the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed more purposefulness to Meredith’s play, too. Moat often she will initiate peek-a-boo. She will peek around the kitchen island, see if I’m looking, smile broadly, duck back where I can’t see her, then repeat. Or she will hold her little tag blanket up to the top of her head, wait for me to say “Where’s Meredith?”, then bring it down and smile broadly while I say, “Peek-a-boo!” She also has started enjoying looking at her Baby 123 book together; she points to a baby, and I say, “Baby.” She turns the page and we repeat. She is definitely becoming more companionable, thus enjoyable in a new and different way.

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    From Nora:

    I am so glad you are able to focus on the happy; it’s not always easy but it certainly helps. (I’m in that boat, too, choosing to focus on the happy!)

    So very exciting that M walked and that you had a great weekend, too.

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