day in the life // march 2013

April 4, 2013

I have decided to participate along with Ali Edwards’ monthly day in the life project. I wasn’t prepared to start at the beginning of the year but I think I can pull it off once a month from here on out. It happens during the last week of the month, usually the last day, but since in March that day was Easter Sunday I chose to document Friday the 29th, which I had off work. So this is a fairly typical weekend-ish day for me. I’ll be including these photos as an insert in my Project Life as well as the form I used to journal on.


4:30am – My alarm went off as usual for a weekday, but since I was not working that day I turned it off and went back to sleep.

5:00am – Meredith nursed. David was snoring so I kicked him.

6:00am – Meredith said “mommy” and cuddled up to me in bed (she still sleeps with us). David’s alarm started going off every 15 minutes as usual for him on a weekday, so I turned it off. At 6:30 Meredith nursed again and we continued to doze.

7:15am – Meredith woke up for real, saw our dog Cleo in the bed, pointed and yelled “Babo!” (that’s what she calls dogs). Diaper change, let the dogs out, COFFEE, Bible study while M. played with her mini kitchen. I gave her her antibiotic.


8:00am – We had breakfast (eggs with cheese and refrigerator oatmeal) while Cleo looked on longingly. I started on a flurry of chores  – laundry, tidying up, water plants, take out trash, sweep – while Meredith wandered around making more of a mess.

9:00am – We took a long shower then got dressed and ready for the day. David was still sleeping; I usually let him sleep really late at least one day each weekend.


10:00am – Meredith and I went to pick up her used diapers from daycare that were left there yesterday, got gas in the car, then went to Target. We started at the Starbucks where I had a drink and we shared a blueberry muffin. I tried on a few clothes, though none of them fit right, picked out a potty chair for M. (it’s the only thing I ended up buying), and browsed the girls’ clothes and craft section. Drove home.

12:00pm – I got the diapers in the wash then quickly made my friend Lauren a birthday card while Meredith completely trashed the craft room. I tried to wake David up but failed. :)


1:00pm – We met Lauren at Red Oak Grill for her birthday lunch. Meredith got hummus everywhere and I enjoyed a ham & cheese sandwich. Lauren and I then drove to Sweet Things ice cream shop and Meredith fell asleep in the car on the way there. She stayed asleep in my arms while I ate a delicious cup of chocolate ice cream, but woke up right before we left to say goodbye to Lauren.

3:00pm – We came home (David was out doing errands), I got Meredith down for a nap, played Candy Crush on my phone until I was sure she was asleep, cross stitched a few lines and then decided to get a Project Life spread done.


4:30pm – Meredith woke up. I photographed my PL album then we went for a walk. Our neighbor saw us and brought over an Easter cupcake. We ate it in the backyard.

5:30pm – Started going through some hand-me-down clothes for Meredith that I recently got from a friend. David came home, and we drove over to his brother’s house for dinner. After we ate we all played outside awhile.


7:30pm – We came home, played with bubbles, and I continued moving the laundry through.

8:00pm – I quickly cleaned up Meredith’s room and packed our bags because we were leaving early the next day to spend a day out of town for an antique festival. We went through our normal bedtime routine, then I tried to get M. to pee on her potty chair but she just sat there playing with toilet paper.


9:00pm – I browsed blogs on my phone while Meredith nursed. She was squirmy and distractible instead of falling asleep easily so I turned off my phone.

9:45pm – She’s finally asleep! I was exhausted too and it’s lights out.

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Comments on day in the life // march 2013

  1. 1

    From Nora:

    So many cute photos of M! Sounds like a fun and full day =) Love the Easter cupcake shot!

  2. 2

    From Ashley // Our Little Apartment:

    I love that you’re still nursing her. :) I nursed Gabe till he was nearly 2, but I never really wrote about it because I was afraid people would think I was “weird.” But it never FELT weird, ya know?

    Anyway. Love all of this. And you’ll so treasure those co-sleeping days!!

  3. 3

    From kapachino:

    Same here with the nursing thing! I am not ashamed or anything, but I don’t bring it up that often anymore because I just don’t feel like getting into it. She is not interested in weaning in the least yet, and I’m just going to go with it.

    I do love the cosleeping, although it’s getting to the point where she moves around a little much for my liking and sometimes I wish I could just put her down in her bed. But she’d never go back to a crib, and I think she’s young yet to put in her bed by herself. So I’ll probably just ride it out till she’s a little more mature, and enjoy it while I can. :)

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