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January 15, 2014




If you guessed that she picked out every piece of this outfit herself, you would be right. I’m also proud of the genuine smile in the last photo because these days she is very into saying “cheese” for pictures which results in a facial expression like the one up top.

While we were in the bath and she was washing my tummy…
Me: Do you think baby brother is getting too big to live in my tummy?
Meredith: Baby brudder share my room?
Me: That’s right, he will.
Meredith: Baby brudder wear biders (diapers)?
Me: Yes he will.
Meredith: Baby brudder nurse mommy?
Me: You’re right, he will.
Meredith: Um…maybe baby brudder nurse daddy.

After I had caught her with marker all over her arms, shirt, and the wall…
Meredith: Mommy, wookit my tattoo!
Me: That’s a no-no Meredith, the colors are only for the paper.
Meredith: Keeo did dat. (Cleo is our dog.)

When she had caught sight of a chocolate cupcake I was trying to hide…
Meredith: Uh-oh, poo poo right dere!
Me: Um yeah, don’t touch that poo poo.

After a bath when I had wrapped her up in a hooded towel & she saw herself in the mirror…
Meredith: I be cute!!

After we read Humpty Dumpty…
Meredith: Awww. Dat’s sad. He needs a bandaid make him all better.

While driving…
Me (to David): Something smells like gas, do you smell it?
David: yeah, I hope it’s not my car.
Meredith: I toot gas!

At daycare dropoff where she insisted on carrying an armload of food, some of which was my snack for the day…
Me: (hugging her) bye Meredith, I love you.
Meredith: stay mommy!
Me: aw, I have to go to work, you know that.
Meredith: no, stay!
Me: well may I have my crackers back now?
Meredith: no! Go to work!

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Comments on meredith lately

  1. 1

    From Melanie:

    What a beautiful girl! And such a fun and funny age. :)
    I laughed out loud at the cupcake thing, whatever it takes to keep the kids away from our treats, right?

  2. 2

    From Cait:

    I love the conversation about baby brother and nursing… she wants mommy all to herself, apparently. She’s the cutest and she looks so grown up in that last photo!

  3. 3

    From Kara:

    I love her little top-knot hairdo, she’s just too cute! She definitely has a way with words too!

  4. 4

    From Stephany:

    Oh, gosh, that last photo just melted me to a pile of goo. She is so beautiful.

    My nephew has done the tattoo thing, too! Haha. My brother got a tattoo a few years ago and my nephew used to draw on his arm to “be like daddy.” I *love* that she blamed the dog for it, though! Haha!

  5. 5

    From Kate @

    Hahaha, I love these – & she’s so darn cute!

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