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April 16, 2014


Me: What’s your full name?
Meredith: Merma Susannah Forbes!
Me: Good! Do you want to know mommy’s full name?
Meredith: Mommy Susannah Forbes!
Me: Oh yeah? What about daddy’s?
Meredith: Daddy Susannah Forbes!

After her second Gogurt of the night…
Meredith: I want anudder one!
David: okay, but will you share it with daddy?
Meredith: yeah
David gives her the yogurt and she eats most of it…
David: can I have some now?
Meredith: no!
David: hey, you said you would share with me.
Meredith: well I not nice.

Going through the drive-through for fast food at a time of desperation…
Me: I’ll have a kids’ meal with a cheeseburger –
Meredith: I wanna cheeseburger!
Me: – and an apple juice –
Meredith: I wanna apple juice too!
Drive-through attendant: Will that be all?
Me: I’ll also have a medium iced mocha.
Meredith: I no wanna iced mocha.
Me: oh you don’t? Well that can be for mommy then.

At the doctor’s office after I put on the lovely paper gown…
Meredith: Whoa mommy, you be so cute!

In the shower…
Meredith: Wook miss mommy, you got a butt!
Me: Yup, I do.
Meredith: (laughing) I has a butt too! Evvybody has a butt!

Meredith: When I get bigger I drive.
Me: Yup!
Meredith: I get bigger I have kids.
Me: Ok, good!
Meredith: And I eat cookies and more food.
Me: Oh, and what else will you do when you get bigger?
Meredith: I don’t know…eat cake. And cereal. And Cheerios. And pickles. And cupcakes.

On our way home from school…
Me: Did you do anything fun today?
Meredith: No! I no wanna talk!
Me: Okay, fine. Baby Liam, what did you do today? Did you eat? You did? And poop? And have your diaper changed? Wow.
Meredith: No, I no have my diaper changed!
Me: I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to baby Liam because you don’t want to talk.
Meredith: I baby Wiam!
Me: Oh really? Because I thought your name was Meredith.
Meredith: No, my name Wiam! And I no poop!

Some of our favorite mispronunciations…
Strawberry is strawbeedas
Sandwich is finjer (was pretty proud when I figured out what she meant by that)
“I don’t know” is oh no
Diaper is bider
Blue is billow
Backpack is packpack
Her cousin Lucas is Reekoo
Chick-fil-a is Chick-er-a
Scary is scaredy
And my favorite, when singing ABC’s “W” is ducklebucks (I am doing everything I can to perpetuate this one. When she started singing it correctly I nipped that in the bud. Now she says, “when I get bigger I say dubyoo.” Sure kid. But for now let’s keep saying ducklebucks, k? See the following video for cuteness proof.)

And expressions…
When we eat everything off a plate (or bowl or cup or wrapper) it’s a “happy plate” (or bowl or cup or trash)
“I wanna hold you” when she wants me to pick her up (I hear this phrase a hundred times a day)
“I’m talkin-a you!” while grabbing my face
“Imma be so shy” before we get somewhere or see new people

>She is WAY into nursery rhymes and songs. We sing them all day, every day, and these weird YouTube videos will entertain her for longer than anything else.

>When we watch anything else on TV she requests Barbie. We came upon it on Netflix by chance and now she doesn’t want anything else, no matter how much I try to get her to watch Jessie again, or SuperWhy. Barbie is surprisingly funny, but there are only four episodes on Netflix, so it’s killing me a little bit.

>She has tons of little random toys, which I’m sure is common. At first they bothered me, but then I realized I can just dump them all in her many purses and going through the purse can keep her occupied for quite awhile.

>Asks me to hold her “wike a big baby” aka with both arms, head in one arm, legs slung over the other. It’s cute for a few seconds and then I’m tired and my arms are incapacitated.

>She has Opinions about what she wants to wear (as evidenced by the three photos at the top of this post). Getting dressed is a struggle as she would prefer to wear only a diaper at all times and doesn’t want anything to do with the clothes that I think are cute. She also won’t let me touch her hair even though I’m dying to play with it.

>When she gives attention to Liam she usually starts by rubbing his ear. She also likes to hold his hands and kiss him. She gets way jealous when I hold him or nurse him, though.

>Every day when we pick her up from school she runs up to us with a huge smile and says, “Mommy I be good!!” (She went through a phase where she was biting at school so we would give her a pep talk in the mornings and now she loves to brag on herself.)

>Her favorite color is purple, but she also likes pink and blue. She loves reading books, blocks, riding on shoulders, going places, being carried, legos, bugs (in theory; she is scared of real bugs), Spiderman, listing all of her friends and family by name, jumping on couches, and trying to keep up with her older cousins.

That’s Meredith summed up at the moment, but she is also so much more than that. She’s not even really a toddler anymore but a little girl. My heart. Gosh I love her.

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  1. 1

    From Nora:

    I love all of this! (and is it just me, or is that purple shirt familiar!? I’ll be sending another box this summer to you!!). Can’t wait to get home so I can watch the video (work would look at me funny I’m pretty sure).

  2. 2

    From Dave:

    Wonderful descriptive narrative! Thanks!

  3. 3

    From Mindy:

    Kids. You just can’t make this stuff up, I love it! Liv, my oldest, used to call cucumbers “coo-pungers” and pineapple “pine cones.” My hubby would want to correct her and I was like no! Don’t you dare! Now she’s 4 and speaks very clearly, so I’m soaking up our 2-year-old’s speech now… Meredith is going to love reading these someday. :)

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