meredith lately

August 5, 2014

meredith lately

meredith lately

While driving we pass by a house under construction…
David: Look Meredith, a house is being built.
Meredith: When I get bigger I buy dat house.
David: Yeah because you’ll want to live near mommy and daddy right? And you’ll have a lot of money so you can buy it.
Meredith: I want all YOUR money.
David: Don’t worry, you’ll have it.

Reading books before bed…
Meredith: I came out of your tummy and then it was baby brudder’s turn.
Me: that’s right and I’m so glad you came out and are growing into my big girl.
Meredith: I want to do it again!
Me: what?
Meredith: go in your tummy!

After accidentally knocking Liam on the head with a book and he is crying…
Me: Meredith, you just hit Liam on the head, you have to be careful around him.
Meredith: no I didn’t!
Me: then why is he crying?
Meredith: probly he just needs to take a nap.
Me: well how did he get this bump on his head?
Meredith: he just fell down. he needsa learn how to walk.

meredith lately

meredith lately

While Liam was babbling nearby…
Me: what’s Liam talking about?
Meredith: he saying I love you sister.

At daycare dropoff saying goodbye to Liam and another preschooler was touching him and kissing him too…
Meredith: that’s my baby brother!
Me: it’s okay, she’s just saying hi.
Meredith: we share?
Me: yes you can both kiss him.
Meredith: but I wanna touch that leg!!!

While looking through an old photobook and coming across a picture of her and her cousins with Santa…
Meredith: who is this?
Me: that’s Santa.
Meredith: I don’t like him.
Me: oh there’s no reason to be scared of him, he’s a nice man that brings presents at Christmas.
Meredith: he’s from Christmas?
Me: yup!
Meredith: he is Jesus?

meredith lately

meredith lately

While David and I were discussing dinner options, she pipes up…
Meredith: I don’t like meat.
Me: oh you don’t?
Meredith: no, I just like strawbeedas, chicken nuggets, fruit salad, and carrots.
Me: that’s all you like?
Meredith: oh and bacon too!

In the morning getting ready…
Me: I’ve gotta change Liam, he peed out of his diaper and it got on me.
Meredith: I wanna see it.
Me: see right here this wet spot?
Meredith: ewwww, that’s isgusting.
Me: yeah.
Meredith: Liam you are isgusting. You can’t come to my birthday party.

A few days before her birthday…
Me: so do you want to go somewhere fun on your birthday?
Meredith: yeah I wanna go to zoo and doctor!

meredith lately

meredith lately

After I wiped her face clean after breakfast…
Meredith: my face is soooo pretty.
Me: yes it is!
Meredith: God made my face.

Getting the kids and all the stuff loaded in the car in the morning, and she got in her car seat herself and I was about to turn the car on…
Meredith: hey! You forgot to put my seat belt on!
Me: oh yeah, you’re right!
Meredith: silly goose.

After a rough morning…
Me: you’re gonna go play with Daddy for awhile now.
Meredith: why?
Me: because you’re driving me crazy.
Meredith: you ARE crazy.

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  1. 1

    From chelsea:

    Cute post, and your little one is adorable!

  2. 2

    From Nora:

    The things kids say! You just can’t beat it sometimes.
    M has a beautiful smile and it appears an energetic and fun spirit! Fun to see her grow up via your blog; thanks for sharing =)

  3. 3

    From Kathleen:

    you’ll have to meet her one day!!

  4. 4

    From Melissa:

    These are great! :) Made me smile.

  5. 5

    From Kessi:

    I absolutely adore her.

  6. 6

    From Stephany:

    Oh, she is precious! The “he needsa learn to walk” bit cracked me up!!

  7. 7

    From Mom:

    This, and the other posts like it, are my favorite posts! I can just hear Meredith saying these things. How precious is the mind of a toddler! I especially liked the Santa/Jesus comment and the God/face comment. She is learning Truth. Good job, Mom!

  8. 8

    From chris stagg:


  9. 9

    From Marchar:

    She is soooo precious!!!! Give her a huge for me.

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