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master bedroom progress

June 26, 2014

As you may remember, I am s-l-o-w-l-y decorating our house on a budget. I’m not going for anything high style, but more of a handmade, collected, simple, personal, and comfortable look. My focus lately has been our bedroom and I’ve made some updates since the last time I shared about it here. This time, though, I worked on the wall with the window and dresser. See the full “before” here, but just for reference this is what this wall looked like: Yup! It was terrible. But here it is now! So much better! It’s hard for me to get a great photo of this wall because of that big window there and I only use an iPhone. But you get…
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thrifty decorating ideas // on the wall

April 22, 2014

Even though we are on a tight budget, I figure I can still do some decorating around the house. There are always the craft supplies I already own, thrift stores, and “shopping” at Mom & Dad’s house. :) In this new series I’m going to share with you some ideas I’ve found for thrifty decorating. Since I’m working on our gallery wall in the master bedroom, the first edition is focused on stuff you can make to hang on the wall other than traditional photos or prints. woven wall hangingsĀ – I’ve already done one of these, and I love it. This link takes you to a great tutorial on how to do it by making your own loom, and it…
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buffet, after

October 22, 2013

If you will indulge me for another day with more updates on a corner of my home I would appreciate it. :) I finally put just a little bit of effort into this buffet nook and it makes me much happier now when I pass by. Recall that this is what the area looked like before. The paint improved things a lot but it still needed a change. Eventually I want to paint over all the green (I crave white walls) but that might not happen for a long time so for now this is good. This area doesn’t get very good light (I had a fern here once before that died practically the next day) so I bought some…
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fall garland and mantel

October 21, 2013

I made a fall garland! It was one of my goals this month and I’m happy I pulled it off. I had several ideas for types of garlands I wanted to make (and I do hope to get to the others eventually) but I knew I wanted it to be easy and I didn’t want to spend much money on it. One day on a walk I came across all these perfect pine cones and my mind was made up. I already had the twine at home and I only had to pick up some screw eye hooks from Home Depot which were cheap and I have a bunch left over for other stuff now. I ended up using this…
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ikea shopping list

October 10, 2013

So as I was saying earlier this week, I visited IKEA last weekend since Meredith and I were kicked out of the house while our carpet was installed. It’s about a 30-minute trek to get there for me and we all know that once you’re inside it’s never a quick trip, so I don’t go very often. I do love it for home accessories though! I brought home a lot of this stuff and wanted to share. For our bedroom: INDIRA bedspread – even though I want a handmade blanket with a little more color as a permanent bedcover, this will be great for in the meantime and for layering later on. EIVOR throw – so classic, so good. I…
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