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liam at eight months

September 18, 2014

He: >Has one tiny little bottom tooth poking through. You can’t really see it but rub your finger over his gum and you’ll get poked. :) >Chews everything in sight. Especially my face and hair. >Can be pretty vocal at times. He still rarely cries, but sometimes he just likes to yell for the fun of it. >Is still huge. 95th percentile, did I mention that? >Has become very purposeful with his movements and grabbing. We really have to watch what we leave close by him. >Loves food. Any kind. >Still isn’t very close to crawling. He hasn’t even pushed up all the way yet. I think he just has so much weight to lift that it’s hard for him….
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liam at seven months

August 18, 2014

He:  >Still has the bump on his head from his vacuum-assisted birth attempt. I’m wondering if it’ll ever go away at this point. >Was in the 95th percentile for weight at his last checkup. >Dropped a bottle per day in favor of baby food. >Is eating mostly jarred baby food, when he eats solids, since we had a bunch given to us and that’s what they have at daycare. >Has no teeth, and doesn’t seem to be actively teething yet. >Is in an awkward stage for bathing where he doesn’t fit his infant tub but he’s not stable enough to go in the big tub with Meredith. >Still sucks his thumb often, and likes to have something else in his…
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liam at six months

July 17, 2014

He: >Has his six-month checkup Friday, but according to our home scale he weighs about 20 pounds. He is in 9-12 month clothes and size 4 diapers! (He wears cloth during the day and disposables at night.) >Started on baby food last week! So far he’s just had a few bites and isn’t sure quite what to do with it. >Is extremely grabby and is finally enjoying sitting in his jumper toy sometimes. >Really is too big for his infant tub now, so I’m gonna have to graduate him to the big tub. >Holds his own bottle. >Loves tummy time now that he can really push up, but he’s starting to be a real roly poly. >Is an early riser…
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liam at five months

June 17, 2014

He: >Has become pretty vocal! I guess he realized that he has to make himself heard around here. >Had a pretty bad diaper rash for about two weeks before I finally realized it was fungal and the new cream kicked in. Now it has improved a lot but is still stubbornly hanging on. (Side note: ask for recommendations for diaper rash on Facebook and you will get more comments than all of your other posts combined. It was awesome.) >Grabs himself (you know what I mean) constantly during diaper changes. At first I just thought he was itchy, but now I think it’s a boy thing. >Loves his feet. And I love the adorable little bundle he becomes when he’s holding…
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liam at four months

May 19, 2014

He: >Laughs! Sometimes! Well…he’s done it a few times anyway. >Also smiles at anyone that looks him in the face. >Wears 6-9 month clothes, but is in between the small and medium diaper sizes, so he tends to leak at the moment. I have to send at least three pairs of pants with him each day just in case. >Still has the bump on his head from his cephalohematoma. Supposedly it will reabsorb eventually, but it’s going very slowly. I like to rub it. >Loves the mirror. >Can roll over both ways (mobility is coming)!! >Is a squirmer. >Constantly has his hands in his mouth, but he hasn’t started producing too much drool yet. >Sleeps well almost every night to…
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