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around here // father’s day weekend

June 22, 2015

How was your Father’s Day weekend? Ours was incredibly full and busy – but so fun. At the end of last week, Liam got sick with fever again. Poor guy seriously catches every little whiff of a virus. He still has congestion and low-grade temperature, but with the real fever behind him we’re just going on with life. On Saturday, after chores and errands (and while David was at work), my good friend Lauren came over to help me declutter and reorganize the kitchen. I wanted to start there since I spend so much time in it, and I figured I’d get the most bang for my buck. Lauren was a big help in providing feedback, and keeping the kids…
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life with kids & kittens

June 15, 2015

Well, we are about two months into life with the kittens and I’m here with a progress report! I had never owned a cat before, so I have learned a LOT. First of all: we love them. Well, David is indifferent, but I myself really enjoy their happy furry presence, especially on the rare occasions when I’m home alone. They are often the first thing Meredith talks about when she wakes up or comes home. They are an endless source of delight for Liam. Kittens & Kids One reason we opted for kittens was because they wouldn’t be afraid of kids and they’d get used to life with them. Well, they are getting exposure for sure! I have been able to teach…
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meredith lately

June 11, 2015

while she was trying to climb into the crib on her own and I gave her a boost with my hands as a “step”… Meredith: (giggling) remember that mommy? Remember that? Me: yes I remember that from two seconds ago. Meredith: what’s that mommy? Me: that’s your wart. Meredith: is that from Jesus? Did Jesus put that there? when we were picking her up from the grandparents’ house after a date night… Meredith: where’d you go, guys? Me: we went to the movies. We’ll take you to the movies one day when you get bigger. Meredith: ok! I will go and you guys stay here and then I’ll come back. driving to church we pass a hospital… Me: that’s a hospital…
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on dancing

May 26, 2015

Recently we went out to eat as a family. (This in itself is worthy of documenting, but that’s not the story for today.) Anyway, we were out to eat at a casual steakhouse, the kind where the servers wear little American flags sticking out of their back pockets, the floors are covered in crushed peanut shells, and there is country music playing nonstop, loud enough so that if a toddler decides to exercise his vocal chords no one will really notice. It was a weeknight and the kids were both in good moods. Liam had never been happier, stuffing fistful after fistful of food in his mouth and shrieking with glee from time to time, as one does. Meredith was asking…
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around here

April 24, 2015

The biggest news around here is that we adopted two kittens! Ziggy and River joined our family this week and we are pretty darn excited. Ziggy is the black one and is so named because his tail is crooked like a zig-zag. River’s full name is River Run so I’m assuming his former owners were Game of Thrones fans. They are both boys and are making us happy. More on this soon! Around here Liam went through another two ear infections so we finally took him to the ENT. Currently his ears look pretty good and so far no serious damage has been done by his recurring infections, so we are going to do an antibiotic prophylaxis trial. He’ll get antibiotics…
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