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The Secret To A Successful Marriage

June 8, 2010

I was checking on one of my patients, a sweet eighty-year-old lady, and was about to leave the room when she caught my hand. Her: Are you married? Let me see your ring. (Looks at ring.) Ooh, that’s so pretty! How long have you been married? Me: About a year and a half. Her: Aww, I bet he’s a good one. Me: Yep. I love him. Her: I think that’s so great. I’ve been married for sixty years now, and I still love mine. Of course when you get older it’s different. It was really hard when we found out that I had cancer, but you have to go somehow! My husband and I dealt with it and then he…
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How To Start Your Wife’s Day Off Right

May 21, 2009

This morning when I woke up (yes, at 4:30 a.m. as usual) I immediately headed for the bathroom per my routine, and the first thing I saw on the counter was a note for me from my husband on top of Mariah Carey’s first CD. David had just shared with me the other day that this was one of the first three CD’s he bought as a teenager, a fact that I proceeded to tease him about. (The other two were Metallica and Boyz II Men…ha.) The note talked about how he wanted to share it with me since I never really listened to Mariah Carey, and some other really great mushy stuff that I just LOVED, but will be…
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first-time guest

March 12, 2009

So I am on my church’s “communication team,” and my job as part of this team is to write a monthly newsletter. Our team then meets once a month to mail it out. During this time we also go through the information forms that the congregation fills out and puts in the offering plate each week to update the mailing list. We met last night, and as I was stuffing envelopes our team leader, a woman about the age of my parents, was asking the rest of us questions about the information forms. “Who is Maggie McDonald?” “Oh, that’s my brother’s girlfriend.” “It says here she’s a regular attender, is she on the mailing list?” And so it went. Until…
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Does This Mean I Need Another Vacation?

January 24, 2009

Last night when I went to sleep at 8 p.m. David lay down in bed with me and took a nap. It was a nap because he could never ACTUALLY go to bed that early. Anyway, he decided to get up a couple of hours later, once I was already asleep. Apparently his movement stirred me halfway out of my dream, because I started talking to him. He thought I was completely awake. I wasn’t just babbling random words though, or so he tells me. I started clearly demanding that he give me all his prescriptions and medical records so that we could get him admitted to the hospital. Since I’m a nurse and he had been sleeping, he seriously…
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A Classy Wedding

July 13, 2008

After my mom and I got home from a meeting with the wedding planner from House Plantation yesterday, we told my dad that we’ve decided to use their caterer. My dad immediately said, “I would like some input on the menu!” “Dad, I already know that you want fajitas.” “Well, fajitas would be nice, but I’m holding off judgment until I see what they have to offer. If there’s pizza, I’d go for pizza.” He was completely serious. (Hi, Dad! I love you!)