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we’re just a couple of geriatrics

August 18, 2010

With the amount of time David and I spend at the doctor these days, we feel like we’re 80 years old. We’re grateful that our medical issues are temporary and not nearly as serious as they could be, though. So without further delay, here’s a recap of our respective doctor’s appointments this morning. I apologize in advance for the boredom I may be inducing. (Wow, now I really do feel old. Do I have nothing better to write about than this? Ah, well.) Reproductive Endocrinologist First up I went to follow up regarding my most recent cycle. As my doctor said, “the plot thickens” and I’m left a lot more to think about than when I went in. Regarding what…
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a new attitude (hopefully)

August 15, 2010

Last Tuesday an ultrasound showed that I had two lovely little follicles growing, they just weren’t big enough to do anything with yet. So I went back Friday, fully expecting them to have grown, only to be told that they were gone. The nurse didn’t know why, so I’m going to see my doctor on Wednesday to see what she thinks and to make a new plan for my next cycle. I was crushed, but I didn’t have time to process it properly because I had to go straight to work. I worked until past 11 p.m. that night, and had to be back at 7 a.m. on Saturday. When I came home on Friday I went straight to bed…
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an important week: some thoughts

August 9, 2010

In about thirty minutes I’m going to make my epic return to work, and I wanted to take a second to get a few thoughts down before I go. *** One. After not working for awhile I’m wondering, will I remember how to do this? Will I remember how to manage my time, how to do all my skills, will I remember to do all the little pieces of charting that we’re required to do? I’m also wondering, how will people react to me today? After my two weeks off not only did I get a chemical peel that is still in the stages of healing (I know there will be some funny looks), but I’ve also decided to start…
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friday things: odds & ends

July 30, 2010

I started watching Glee from the beginning tonight. My brother had told me that there was zero chance that I wouldn’t like it, and he was right. In fact, I teared up in the first episode because of how happy it made me. My husband watched it with me and commented on all the stereotypes and how it’s basically just a cheesy high school movie. I looked him in the eye and said, “I like that.” *** My in-laws have been keeping Oliver for us since before David’s surgery, but since they’re going on vacation in the morning we got him back tonight. Even though we’re a little nervous about how it’ll work out with the big guy around, I…
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waiting & learning

April 14, 2010

I never intended to write publicly about my quest to have a child. I thought it would be easy to get pregnant, but it wasn’t, and it isn’t. When I finally took the scary step to see a doctor, I thought the hard part was over; she’d give me some medication and life would be good. I did get pregnant–without the medication even!–but it ended in loss, putting me back at the beginning. No, before the beginning. I now find myself in an extremely long and complicated process, and I haven’t even started fertility treatment yet. Bear with me as I share a little bit about this whole thing. After I miscarried, part of me wanted to start trying again…
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