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July 20, 2009

On Saturday night David and I invited our pastor’s kids Isaiah, 5, and Samuel, 3, to spend the night at our house. We obviously don’t have kids yet, but we love them and Isaiah and Sam are two of our favorites. After their parents Bryan and Misti dropped them off and we consumed some Chick-fil-a chicken nuggets, snack packs, and chocolate milk, we got right down to the business of having fun. We started with a rousing game of Spiderman Sorry, which Isaiah “won”: Then it was time to play hide and seek. My best hiding place was an empty box turned on its side which I curled up in and pushed up near the wall. It was a big…
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my super exciting day off!

July 10, 2009

That’s actually not sarcasm, my day was super exciting because I didn’t spend it doing errands, chores, or cleaning. Well, that’s not entirely true. I did laundry, the dishes, and finished putting together the chairs that we recently bought for our kitchen table. I also planned to cook dinner, but David decided to go fishing this evening so instead I’m cooking tomorrow night. The bulk of my day was spent with my good friend Sara and her adorable 13-month-old daughter Rory. We went to the skating rink (which looks exactly like you probably remember the skating rink looking when you were a kid, disco ball and everything) for a cheap “Mommy and Me” skate time. Five bucks and I got…
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#46. walk the kemah boardwalk

June 30, 2009

The weekend right before I went to camp David and I were adult sponsors and small group leaders for a Disciple Now event for the youth group in our church. One of the fun things we did with the kids on Saturday was go to Kemah. I was excited because it was one of the items listed on my 101 goals! Really bad picture of the entrance The very first thing we did (before David lost his nerve ;)) was ride Bullet, the wooden roller coaster. And although it was jarring, it was a blast! If I was rich I would have bought the photo that they took of us while we were on the ride. It showed me smiling,…
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Ode to a Second Home

June 7, 2009

This is the home of my good friends Bridget and Dave. They are the ones I have been house-sitting for since 2006. They take lots of vacations, so I’ve spent a whole lot of time there. It’s a place that makes you feel immediately comfortable, and I love so many things about it that it became my inspiration when we were looking to buy a house of our own. I’m happy to say I think we actually ended up with one quite similar! Anyway, Bridget and Dave are moving this week, and I am very sad about this. Of course it’s mostly because I have to say goodbye to them (and their dogs Teak and Riley, who were the real…
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just a buffer post – it’s friday, after all

April 17, 2009

Ah, Friday. What a great day. Even though for me today begins the first of four days of work, I still enjoy it. We get more discharges than admissions, we get to wear whatever color scrubs we want (I’m wearing pink!), and people are generally in good spirits. I had a day off yesterday, and I sure did utilize the time. I spent the early morning cleaning, then had a fun day with my good friend Emily. She accompanied me to a card-making class at a local scrapbooking store, and we made 8 adorable birthday cards. If I remember, I’ll take some pictures to share. After a leisurely lunch at Panera, she came back to my house and did my…
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