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natural personal care products

July 28, 2014

This post has been in the works for literally years, starting with way back when I decided to switch all my personal care products to natural versions. It’s been a super long process because first I used up what I had, and then whenever I would try a new brand if I didn’t love it I would still use it up before trying something new. Finally I’ve come to a place that I’m pretty happy with, although I’m sure I will still try new things (and update as I go). So as I’m choosing products what I think about is: 1) Is it natural and safe? There are some brands that I trust (you’ll notice several) but I also use the Environmental…
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things i am loving right now

July 10, 2014

Since starting whole30 I’ve realized just how often I tend to reward myself with food. It’s important for my mood to have things to look forward to, and food is usually the easiest pick-me-up. So a big part of this has been retraining my brain to see other things as a reward, and to take more pleasure in little things. So I wanted to share some of what is making me very happy lately! 1. Finding my personal style and curating my wardrobe : I’ve been having so much fun with this now that I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I did another closet purge and also separated out all the colder weather clothes so that everything I have is easily…
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July 1, 2014

Last month I was excited to see that I won a giveaway for an Olivebox! This is a monthly subscription service that is filled with products revolving around paper. I used to subscribe before daycare costs started eating us alive, and I loved it. I just wanted to share with you what was inside, in case it’s something you might be interested in! The theme was “sweet as honey” and it was adorable. It contained a little composition book (not sure what I’m going to use it for yet but I have some ideas), a greeting card, a package of notecards, some all-purpose honey balm, and a link to a free printable matching the fabric line Sweet As Honey by…
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June 12, 2014

I always enjoy going “shopping” at my parents’ house, as I like to call it. My mom has saved a bunch of stuff from when we were kids, has accumulated more treasures along the way, and they’ve inherited some cool stuff from my grandparents. In most cases if I say that I want something, I’m free to go home with it. These are my latest finds. baby shirt / baby shoes in original box handmade child’s hat / romper jewelry box (I used to love it) / cabbage patch doll kids’ tee / cigarette box (it was my grandmother’s) not pictured: a beautiful basket and the perfect rolling wooden desk chair!

wish list / 1

May 1, 2014

We are really focusing on our budget right now, and even though in general I’m not a spender or a shopper, I do get the urge to buy fun stuff sometimes! I thought that it might help me curb those cravings to share my current wish list. :) home // some things take time print : my next home project is going to be building a gallery wall in our bedroom. I’m going to have to do this with thrift store finds and handmade art, but how I would love to one day hang a perfect print like this. craft // martha stewart weave loom kit : after I finish my quilt I think I want to tackle weaving again, and this…
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