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Twilight on Opening Night

November 22, 2008

I have to say that my husband is awesome for taking me to see Twilight on opening night, and he only complained a little bit. I did very much enjoy the movie, although I will say it was a little cheesy. I don’t think the hundreds of teenage girls who were there with us thought that, though. They would burst out in squeals at the tiniest thing. David would rub his head, shift in his seat, and say to me, “I just don’t get it! Nothing happened, why are they cheering?” And I would say to him things like, “It’s because Edward is wearing sunglasses now.” Admittedly, it wasn’t the circumstances I prefer to see a movie in either, but…
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Seeking Beauty Advice

September 16, 2008

If you have gotten married recently, or if you’re just really good with makeup, I’d like your help please. I’m not sure what to do about makeup for my wedding. First, let me tell you what I do now: Face: after washing my face and moisturizing, I apply a translucent powder and light foundation to my T-zone, just to even out my complexion. I have this blush by Nars in the shade of “Madly,” but I usually only put it on for special occasions. Eyes: I use a primer by Benefit called F.Y. Eye, then use this duo eyeshadow¬†by Nars in the shade of “All About Eve.” It’s very natural looking. I apply the matte shade all over the lid,…
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I Don’t Know What I’d Do Without Him

July 24, 2008

David: Kathleen, have you figured out all the flowers and favors for the wedding yet? Me: Well, I don’t have every detail together yet, but I’m working on it. There are only so many things I can do at once. David: But you do know that we need all that stuff? Me: Yes David, I am aware. *** How cute. He overheard women at his office talking about wedding details the other day, and before that he didn’t realize that we needed things like flowers and favors for a wedding. He thought that maybe I didn’t know either.

A Classy Wedding

July 13, 2008

After my mom and I got home from a meeting with the wedding planner from House Plantation yesterday, we told my dad that we’ve decided to use their caterer. My dad immediately said, “I would like some input on the menu!” “Dad, I already know that you want fajitas.” “Well, fajitas would be nice, but I’m holding off judgment until I see what they have to offer. If there’s pizza, I’d go for pizza.” He was completely serious. (Hi, Dad! I love you!)


May 27, 2008

David: I’m going to go to purgatory. Me: No you’re not! David: Yes I am, and it’s going to one giant poker game. But really if you win the game you go to hell, and I’ll try really hard to win but then I won’t because I stink, and then I’ll go to heaven! Me: … David: What? You don’t believe me? Why not? Me: Because the Bible doesn’t say anything about that. David: It doesn’t say anything about purgatory being a giant poker game? Me: No. David: Huh. I think we just interpret it differently.