week in the life 2014 : sunday in the album

April 17, 2015

Finally, the last update of my 2014 week in the life album! I’m so glad to have this in the books. More of my overall thoughts about the project at the end, but first here is a typical Sunday for us. Sunday mornings involve finishing up whatever chores I didn’t quite get to the day before (this day it was washing diapers) and lots of playing and lounging with the kids before getting ready for church. Then we all head to church! We meet in an elementary school currently. Liam goes in the nursery and usually Meredith sits with us for a few minutes to hear the songs and then will go to her preschool class. This particular Sunday was…
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tips for raising your spirited child

April 16, 2015

I don’t read a lot of parenting books. I know there isn’t one certain parenting style that “works” and so every book written on the subject will have things in it that I can take or leave. But with Meredith at age 3, I needed help. (I still need help.) So last year I read Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka and it was incredibly insightful. Here is a summary of the book and the notes I took. This post is pretty long and I considered breaking it up into parts but ultimately I thought it would be more helpful to have it all in one place. If you have a spirited child, you will definitely want to read this! What is…
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project life 2015 : march

April 14, 2015

March’s Project Life is in the books. Two spreads for the month again. Here is a look at the first half: Liam was baptized at the beginning of March and most of this page is dedicated to that. I saved part of a Cracker Barrel bag for this pocket and added a tag for the journaling. I used some of Meredith’s artwork in a pocket here; I’m enjoying that practice! Here is the spread for the second half of the month: Most of the photos on this side are from trips to the park. It really turned to spring during this time so we started taking lots of walks there. I loved this photo of Meredith and I so I…
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April 10, 2015

commuting almost two hours to the medical center for three days in a row because my local clinic doesn’t have enough patients. training to help out in other areas of the hospital like pre-op and radiation. unplugging from the computer for a whole day except to google “diep surgery” and “t&a surgery” to fill out consent forms. getting extremely stressed out by the work uncertainty and being really grumpy as a result. frantically texting my mom asking for prayers because I don’t feel like I can even muster the energy to get through the bedtime routine, let alone face another day. administering antibiotics to Liam for an ear infection. giving myself a break from cooking in order to gain a…
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week in the life 2014 : saturday in the album

April 8, 2015

Recently I had a day off without the kids so I powered through and completed this album! It took me most of the day but it feels awesome. I had a lot more photos to deal with since it was a weekend, and I had to leave quite a few out but the ones I chose tell the best stories. Saturday started out a little rough because it was the morning after Halloween. I was kind of expecting it but it was still hard! Once I powered through the morning with the kids (which did have its fun parts), however, David took over and gave me a good chunk of time to myself. I used it to knock out all…
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