midday walks

August 12, 2015

I’ve decided to try and let the Fitbit motivate me again. I wear it for work because we get insurance benefits if we average 5,000 steps per day (which I do), but I rarely hit my 10,000 step goal no matter how many challenges I join. Lately my workouts have been only yoga and weight lifting, so I don’t get “credit” for those. (Although I do plan on adding running back into the mix once I get a little more used to the weights.) I love the idea of taking a long walk after dinner. Going by myself and listening to a podcast or audiobook would be such a treat, although that particular set of circumstances won’t be happening anytime…
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August 10, 2015

The first thing that comes to my mind as I sit down to write is: it’s hot. I hear talk around me of teachers and kids getting ready for school, and aren’t Christmas trees out in some of the stores? but here summer has just hit its stride. Also, our air conditioner is broken again. It seems to be something pretty major this time so we have gotten three different opinions, and now I think we must bite the bullet. I’ll be honest, I have shed some tears over this as it is a heavy financial burden and that’s something I’m anxious about anyway. But all we can do is all we can do and we will just try our…
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link roundup / 30

August 7, 2015

>This is such a simple house, but the plants! Oh, they make it amazing. I need more. (See photo above) >I think this weekend I’ll make these no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies for an afternoon snack (for me, mostly). >Also in the food arena, I love this approach to family meals (and it is similar to what we do). There is also a free menu planner printable that is simple and flexible. >This week was breastfeeding awareness week. But for anyone who was unable to or struggled to breastfeed their baby, here is a great post. >I need more short funny video clips in my life. This vine made me think of the classic sheep crash which still makes me laugh….
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a day at the zoo

August 5, 2015

My friend Lauren got Meredith a ticket to the zoo for her birthday. On Monday I took the day off and we went; just the girls. She wanted to wear her zebra-print shorts to match the zebras. It was hot, but there was enough shade and air conditioned exhibits to make it bearable. We stayed for over five hours. There was a chimp lying on his back holding his foot and eating. It was so lazy and great. The gorillas came so close to us. They had such kind, sad eyes. Meredith played on all the playgrounds and rode the carousel and pet the goats. We packed a picnic lunch and got ice cream for a treat. We saw the…
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her own bed

August 4, 2015

Well, Meredith sleeps in her own bed now. Sort of. I say that after two good nights and one disaster. This is how it went down: We talked about it a lot on Saturday. I told her what our new bedtime routine would be (bath, brush teeth, read books, sing songs, say prayers, lights out – we have been very lax about the bedtime routine in the past) and I tried to be very straightforward about the fact that she sleeps in her own bed now. Not: if you sleep in your own bed you get a reward! Just: this is where you sleep now; you’re a big girl. She whined about it a little, but not much. Saturday night she got…
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